For those of you who don’t know, today is international Community Manager Appreciation Day. That means we’re celebrating the hard work of community builders around the world and the movements they’re building.

This day began in 2010 after an initiation by Jeremiah Owyang, who has since proclaimed community builders to be the most powerful group on the Internet.

Last year, Sarah Judd Welch put together a great overview of the history of community as it has been studied in the modern world, which you can check out right here.

A few weeks ago, we turned to our very own community of community builders, and we asked the CMX community who they look up to when building communities. We’ve put that list together here so you know exactly who to follow for inspiration.

Check out the post on the CMX Hub Facebook group to see the full comments and all the love our community shared for some of our fellow members.

And make sure to check out our #CMGRHangout Google Hangout tonight at 5PM PST and all the other amazing hangouts happening ALL day today right here.

Community-Building Founders

These are founders who build communities around their products or whose products are communities themselves. These founders work day in and day out to build movements, and they’re showing others the way.

Alison Michalk
Founder and CEO, Quiip

Amy Jo Kim
Co-Founder, Shufflebrain

Andrew Hyde
Startup Weekend Founder, Up Global

Bill Johnston
Director of Online Community & Customer Experience at Autodesk

Charlene Li
Founder, Altimeter Group

Chris Heuer
CEO & Founder, ALYND

David Spinks
Founder & CEO, CMX Media

Derek Powazek
Co-founder & CEO, Fertile Medium

Eric Elkins

Gina Bianchini
Founder & CEO, Mightybell

Janet Fouts
CEO, Tatu Digital Media

Jenna Woodul
Co-Founder, EVP, Chief Community Officer, LiveWorld Inc

Jerry Michalski
Relationship Economy eXpedition (REX), Founder

Jeff Slobotski
Founder, Router Ventures, Silicon Prairie News

Kate Kendall
Co-founder & CEO, Cloud Peeps

Laura Jane Fitton
Founder, One Forty

Max Altschulter
Co-Founder & Advisor, CMX Media

Rachel Happe McEnroe
Founder, Community Roundtable

Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt

Scott Gerber
Founder & President, YEC

Scott Heiferman
CEO, Meetup

Sean Ellis 
CEO, Qualaroo & GrowthHackers

Sue Feldman
CEO and Founder, Synthexis

Thomas Knoll
Founder & Trust Builder, Primeloop

Venessa Paech
Founder, Swarm Conference

Startup Community Builders

Building startup community is hard work. The entire ecosystem from founders to developers to VCs must be built and engaged on a regular basis. These are the premier builders in this space.

Anja Kundra
Vp of Operations, Partender

Danya Cheskis-Gold
Director of Community, Spark Capital

Erik Torenberg
Founding Team, Product Hunt
Often writes at

Lucy Brady
Platform Manager, First Round Capital

Morgan Brady
Program Director, YEC

Ryan Paugh
Cofounder, YEC

Mentors and Leaders

These are community builders who’ve been at it years, who are constantly building next-level communities and trying new strategies, and who inspire us on a daily basis. They’ve got experience under their belts, and they often share that experience with others both on and offline. We’re proud to call many of these community builders members of our community. 

Allison Leahy
Senior Community Manager, Fitbit

Amy Muller
Director of Community & Customer Success, Automatic

Ash McGregor Dey
Building Kifi (previously at Indiegogo)

Bill Johnston
Director, Social Media & Community, Autodesk

Caty Kobe
Head of Training, FeverBee

Chelsea Rustrum
Author & Cunsultant, Rustrum Associates

Cindy Au
Former VP of Community, Kickstarter
[email protected]_au

Danyelle Ludwig
Senior Manager, Lyft

Darren Gough
Director of Community Development, Feverbee

David DeWald
Community Manager, Thunderhead

David Rust
Community Manager Team Lead, Lyft

Dawn Lacallade
VP Account Services

Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing, Edutopia

Emery Lees
Social Media Strategist, URS Corporation

Emily Castor
Community Relations, Lyft

Erica Kuhl
Sr. Director of Community, Salesforce

Holly Goldin
Global Community Lead, Atlassian

Jenn Pedde
Lead Community Manager, eModeration

Jeska Dzwalski
Senior Community Manager,CreativeLive

Joe Cothrel
Chief Community Officer, Lithium

Julie Hamel
Global Community Manager, Lithium

Krysta Gahagen
Customer Success Manager, Sparkcentral

Lauren Cucinotta
Director of Community, Dedodedco

Linda Carlson
Global Community Relations, Sony

Maria Ogneva
Head of Community, Sidecar
Social Silk

Mark Yolton
VP of Digital, Cisco

Megan Berry
Head of Community and Social Product, RebelMouse

Phoebe Shin Venkat
Director of Communication Engagement, Salesforce

Rebecca Newton
Program manager, America Online Communities

Regina Walton
Co-Organizer, SFTech4Good

Samer Rabadi
Community Manager, Edutopia

Sanya Weathers
Community Director, Undead Labs

Sarah Hawk
Head of Community, Feverbee

Sherrie Rohde
Community & UX Leader, Rebellion Media

Sue John
Online Community Manager, eModeration

Susan Tenby
Online Community/Social Media, Caravan Studios

Tim Falls
VP, Community, Keen IO

Toby Metcalf
Tech Support Community Manager, PTC

Advisors and Consultants

These are some of our community’s go-to’s for community advice and consulting,  having been in the community space for years past. Many of these community consultants and advisors write about what they’ve learned along their paths (as in the group below), which provides us with a great resource for building our own communities.

Brian Oblinger
Strategy Consultant, Lithium

Ellen Petry Leanse
Business Strageist & Advisor, Work in Progress Advisors
[email protected]

Etienne Wenger
Independent Management Consulting, Wenger-Trayner

F. Randall Farmer
Social Media Product Design Advisor and Consultant, Peerlyst

Justin Isaf
Principal, The Communal Group

Ligaya Tichy
Angel Investor, 38 Angels + By/Association

Martin Reed
Community Building Consultant, CommunitySpark

Ray Eisenberg
Community Development Consultant, RME Consulting

Sarah Judd Welch
Founder, Loyal

Scott Moore
Co-founder & Online Community Consultant, Communal

Sean O’Driscoll
Leader of Social & Communities Practice within Digital Change, PwC

Vanessa DiMauro
CEO and Chief Digital Officer, Leader Networks

Community Builders Who Write About Community

Talk about meta. These are the builders who write about the work that they do and observe others do. Not only are these folks leaders in the industry, but they’re building up other leaders as well and sharing best practices.

Carrie Jones
Editorial Director, CMX Media and 

Evan Hamilton
Director of Community & Customer Loyalty, ZOZI

Richard Millington
Founder, Feverbee

Patrick O’Keefe
Owner, iFroggy Network