Our Mission:

To organize and equip a global movement of community professionals, in order to shape a more connected, collaborative and compassionate world.

What We Do:

We host conferences, workshops, community and professional training for thousands of community professionals all over the world.

What We Believe:

  1. All humans are connected by one network made up of countless communities.
  2. Our communities dictate our identities, beliefs and actions.
  3. Technology has brought on a new era of human connection and community, the impact of which we don’t yet fully grasp.
  4. Younger generations expect businesses to be mission driven.
  5. Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to build communities at scale.
  6. Businesses should make money in order to fuel change, not fuel change to make money.
  7. If you want to shape the world, you must shape the world’s communities.

Our Company Values:

  1. Serve the Community – We stay close to our community members and always do right by them.
  2. Be a Lifelong Student – We are always learning and growing.
  3. Practice Radical Candor – We give honest feedback early and often, and trust that we have each other’s best interests in mind.
  4. Empower People – We give others the opportunity to contribute to our mission.
  5. Defend your Health – We set clear personal standards and never sacrifice our health for work.

How to Get Involved

Attend CMX Summit, the largest gathering of community builders in the world, featuring leaders from organizations like NASA, Burning Man, the FBI, Apple, Airbnb, and Facebook.

Join a local CMX Series meetup group or apply to start CMX Series in your community.

Join the free online community via Facebook Groups, where over 5,000 community professionals come together to connect, share knowledge and support each other.

Explore our case studies, articles, interviews and videos, where we share how the world’s leading organizations are building comprehensive community strategies.

Reach out to our team with any questions or feedback on community or CMX. We’re always here for you ([email protected])

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