We thought we would usher in the first day of fall today with a big gift to you: a massive listing of over 40 jobs that are currently open for community professionals.

This industry is growing in a serious and measurable way. This time last year, we had only 10 job postings. That number has now quadrupled. It’s not just because CMX is growing. CMX is growing because of you — and because you’re part of growing this industry as a whole. We just curate the findings for you. 

In this list, we’ve highlighted the types of roles first and then sorted everything by the position experience level (from intern all the way to VP).

This way, you can find opportunities that float your community boat, whether that means you want to focus on product-centered communities, support communities, community-centric products, or marketing-focused communities.

Most of these roles focus nearly 100% on true community building, and where some intersect with social media roles, we have made a clear note for you.

So here’s what we’ve got on the table.

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Product-Centric Communities

coursera-logo1. UPDATE: THIS POSITION WAS JUST FILLED! Associate, Learner Community, Coursera (Mountain View, CA)

Coursera is on a mission to bring world-class education to everyone, everywhere, for free. In roughly three years, they’ve brought over 1,000 courses to over 14 million learners worldwide, and they are just getting started. Coursera’s Community Operations team is looking for a brilliant and motivated contract associate (6 months) to engage with and grow their learner community. (BONUS: You’ll be managed by CMX Summit Speaker Evan Hamilton!)


Google job2. Community Manager, Google (Mountain View, CA)

Google’s Consumer Operations team is on a mission to delight the hundreds of millions of consumers who rely on our flagship products like Gmail, Android, Chrome and Google Play. As part of this role, you will guide power users and represent Google by growing and managing a Google product community, building healthy relationships with users to resolve issues, and educating and advocating for these Google products.

Apply here

images (4)3. Community Manager, Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae (Washington D.C.)

Vitae, an online community created by The Chronicle of Higher Education, aims to be the world’s premier destination for information about academic careers. You’ll have the run of the online show in this position. The Community Manager will identify and engage the most active members of the community to deepen their involvement with the network. Your goal will be to get people to join and engage with the community and funnel feedback back to the product team.

Apply here

0811_PMI_logo4. Community Engagement Manager, Project Management Institute (Freelance)

Project Management Institute is the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. PMI is looking for a mature, experienced, globally sensitive Community Engagement Specialist who is enthusiastic about supporting a membership association with half a million stakeholders working in nearly every country around the world.

Apply here

Senior Product Manager, Online Community5. Senior Product Manager, GoDaddy (San Francisco, CA)

The Senior Manager will implement GoDaddy’s Online Community Support Strategy for helping customers use of GoDaddy products and services through help forums, managing engagement and interactivity with the customer base, and fostering community spirit. This role coordinates with the internal User Assistance and Marketing teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a strong community around the products and the brand.

Apply here

Community-Centric Product Jobs

Community Manager6 & 7. Community and Partnerships Manager (Seattle, WA) and Community Manager (San Francisco, CA), Townsquared

Townsquared is looking to fill two hot positions in Seattle and San Francisco. For their Community and Partnerships Manager, they are looking for a person with a deep passion for helping small businesses succeed and experience in forming and managing communities and partnerships in Seattle. In this role, you would serve as the face of Townsquared to members, the Seattle small business community, Chambers of Commerce, merchant associations, city government, and other groups focused on supporting small businesses. In San Francisco, they are seeking a Community Manager. The Community Management team is responsible for establishing and implementing strategies to help create and maintain value for business members on Townsquared through connecting them and facilitating communication. You would contribute to this goal through first and foremost developing relationships with their members.

Apply here and Apply here

Category Expert, Tech8 & 9. Category Expert, Recreation and Tech, Meetup (NYC)

Organizers are at the heart of Meetup, doing the good work of helping millions of people meetup each month.  The Community Team works hard to help organizers across Meetup succeed; the role of Category Expert on the Community Team is to be the champion of organizers specifically in one of Meetup’s 30+ categories, increasing their success and improving retention. You will work with the strategy team to dig deeply into the category data, identifying the unique needs and trends of organizers and Meetups in the specific category you take on.

Apply here and Apply here

Community Strategist10 & 11. Community Strategist and Community Strategist, Education, Mightybell (Palo Alto, CA)

Mightybell is a software platform and partner for companies to create specialized professional networks for their target markets and customers. Mightybell today hosts over 33,000 specialized professional networks, and is backed by a strong set of investors, including Floodgate Partners, First Round Capital and Cowboy Ventures. There are two openings for dedicated community strategists at Mightybell. As the most critical part of your work, the Community Strategist will serve as the front-line “research and development” team, funneling ideas and experience back to the product, design and engineering teams as quickly as possible.

Apply here and Apply here

Regional Community Lead (Asia)12. Regional Community Lead (Asia), Figure 1 (Toronto and then Asia)

Figure 1 is a mobile healthcare startup located in downtown Toronto. Our photo-sharing app for healthcare professionals has hundreds of thousands of users internationally. Reporting to the Community and Growth teams, you will be responsible for moderation, community building, and marketing duties. You will be instrumental in growing and fostering the sense of community shared by their global user base.

Apply here

Community Leader, NYC13. Community Leader, Common (NYC)

Common is a community offering flexible shared housing that makes it easy for people to find a place to live in major cities. Building a selective network of housing communities in top U.S. cities, Common connects vetted members with secure, flexible and inviting places to live within communities of their peers. Common is seeking a Community Leader to build and manage their growing community of members in New York City.

Apply here

Community Manager14. Community Manager, GasPedal (Austin, TX)

GasPedal creates communities. They create peer communities for the people doing meaningful work at really big companies. Community Managers deliver their flagship product — an amazing community experience with deep conversations and strong personal relationships. Your job is to lead a group of senior-level executives as they struggle with the challenges of social media.

Apply here

whalerock-industries-logo15. Community Manager (Mom.me and Club Momme), Whalerock Industries (Santa Monica, CA)

Whalerock Industries is a Santa Monica based company with interests across the media and technology landscape. Whalerock’s digital brands include Wonderwall, Moviefone, Mandatory, Mom.me, Tested, PawNation, Purple Clover, and Cinefix, among others. This position relies heavily on social media as a tool. But it will also integrates lots of your other skills. As community manager, you will be at the heart of the push to grow the world’s largest community of moms, identifying where new moms are – both online and offline – and connecting them to mom.me.​

Apply here

Senior Community Manager16. Senior Community Manager, F50 (San Francisco, CA)

F50 is a fast growing team that is looking an experienced Community Manager who can manage their community of 20K + startup enthusiasts. This is a dynamic community-focused role. You’ll write newsletters, organize events, give leadership responsibilities to volunteers, and work closely with the internal team to give feedback.

Apply here

Head of Community17. Senior Community Specialist, Duolingo (Pittsburgh, PA)

Duolingo is the world’s largest online language learning platform, and the most downloaded education app in the world in both Android and iOS devices. As Head of Community, you will foster, grow and support a global community of language learners and educators.

Apply here

Marketing-Focused Community Roles

HandUp-Logo-GrayRed-218x21818. Marketing and Community Intern, HandUp (San Francisco, CA)

HandUp is leveraging technology and human relationships to alleviate poverty. This is a paid internship, a great opportunity for someone who might be toward the end of their schooling, a recent grad, or someone who’s looking to break into marketing and community, or the field of social impact work.  If you do not have experience in the workplace with previous internships or jobs that’s ok, though we are looking for someone who is a leader in their own communities whether that be organizing a club on campus or being an avid content creator on something like a personal blog. (BONUS: you’ll be managed by CMX Summit Speaker Meghan Murphy!).

Apply here

Social & Content Marketing Intern19. Community Engagement Intern, Hipcamp (San Francisco, CA)

Hipcamp’s mission is to get more people outside, connecting with nature. Search, discover and book ranches, farms, vineyards, nature preserves and public sites for camping across the U.S. They’re the nation’s most comprehensive guide to camping. They’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades community intern to join their team. New to the community world? This would be a fantastic jumping off point.

Apply here

CEO20. Online Community Manager, EdSurge (Burlingame, CA)

EdSurge sits at the intersection of education, technology and business. This position heavily relies on social media knowledge and skills in this area. You will oversee, manage and plan our social media outreach using a variety of channels (eg: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc). But, in addition to the social media, you will also be in charge growing EdSurge meetups and local events.

Apply here

Community Manager21. Community Manager, Mailjet (NYC)

Mailjet makes sending email easy. Mailjet has an all-in-one solution to do just that. They’re a growing venture-backed startup with teams in Paris, London, Berlin, Toronto, & New York and with customers around the world. This position heavily relies on social media knowledge and skills in this area. You will also create and execute on engaging community initiatives, both online and offline (meetups, hackathons, challenges, promotions, contests).

Apply here

Community Marketing Manager- College Station22. Community Marketing Manager (College Station, TX), OrderUp

OrderUp is the most complete on-demand food delivery marketplace for hometowns, nationwide. As Community Marketing Manager of College Station, you’ll be tasked with growing brand awareness and marketing OrderUp in the most efficient and engaging way possible. You will be the voice of OrderUp for your market.

Apply here

Talent Specialist23-25. Community Manager (Texas), Community Manager (Orlando, FL), Community Manager (Phoenix, AZ), VarageSale

VarageSale is an online marketplace that brings people together to buy, sell and connect with their local community. Ready to make a difference in your community? Online and in person, you will be the local face of VarageSale. Your goal is to connect people to the fun, safe buy and sell communities of VarageSale – you live the brand and love connecting people. This role is part of the Growth Team.

Apply here and Apply here and Apply here

Community Manager26. Community Manager, Panjo (Santa Monica, CA)

Panjo is a marketplace for the world’s most ardent auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts. Existing marketplaces poorly underserve and ignore this audience. Each year, 350M worldwide enthusiasts spend $15B buying products, parts, and accessories from their peers through a patchwork of inefficient methods. Panjo makes it convenient, faster, and more secure for enthusiasts to transact. In this role, you will evangelize Panjo and support the launch of community marketplaces as needed within your topic(s).

Apply here

CEO27. Community Manager and Content Manager, EyeGroove (San Francisco, CA)

Eyegroove lets people instantly and effortlessly create and share short videos to music they love with amazing interactive effects in a way that’s never been possible before. As Eyegroove’s Community Manager / Content Curator, you’ll use your creative Spidey-Sense to select the very best videos for promotion, choose which tracks and trends to feature each week, and discover and recruit new star creators. Part trendspotter, part growth hacker, this position is ideal for someone who combines a genuine love of visual creativity with a data-driven mindset, continually tweaking images and copy to measurably increase content performance.

Apply here

28. Community Manager, Codecademy (NYC)Community Manager

Codecademy is a NYC based startup that aims to equip people with employable digital skills by teaching them how to code. You will support and encourage learners in person and online by organizing and answering questions at meetups, blogging, communicating directly with users, and other similar activities.

Apply here

logo1-216x21629. Community Marketing Manager, SparkCentral (San Francisco, CA)

As the first Community Marketing Manager for Sparkcentral, you will play a key role within the Marketing and Customer Success teams. You will be the voice of Sparkcentral across multiple platforms including, but not limited to: social media, blogs, webcasts, meetups and other in-person events. You are passionate about creating, advocating for, and shaping dialogue around excellent customer support and service. Your main goal is to grow and nurture a thriving community within and surrounding Sparkcentral, and you will help promote the Sparkcentral company vision by being a true brand ambassador in the community.

Apply here

Community Lead, EMEA30. Social Marketing and Community Manager (EMEA), Hootsuite (London, UK)

The Hootsuite Marketing team is looking for an experienced Social Media and Community Manager to lead its European brand awareness and community building efforts based in the company’s fast growing London office. The EMEA Manager will implement Hootsuite’s online community and social marketing strategy, manage engagement and interactivity with Hootsuite users and prospects, and foster community spirit.

Apply here

Community Builder/ Marketing Manager31. Community Builder/Marketing Manager, WikiRate Project (Berlin, Germany or Freelance)

WikiRate’s mission is to make companies better by empowering everyone to share and access information on company ethical behaviour, and to use such information to understand, compare and judge companies as fairly as possible. WikiRate.org is looking for a motivated, confident communicator to build a vibrant online community. The marketing efforts will include B2B tactics, targeted social media outreach (yes, some social media is used in this role), and crisp messaging richly integrated with site functionality.

Apply here

Community Marketing32. Community Marketing Manager, Spruce Health (San Francisco, CA)

Spruce is a health clinic in your pocket. They connect you with board-certified physicians for the remote diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions. They’re looking for someone to give Spruce a voice and active presence in the communities and influencers that matter to growing the patient base. This is not a social media-focused role, but it does involve outreach to other communities, not building a community of your own, at least initially. In this role, you’ll drive the content, relationships and engagement to create word-of-mouth awareness of Spruce and convert new patients.

Apply here

33. Online Community Engagement Specialist, American Legacy Founddownload (1)ation (Washington D.C.)

The American Legacy Foundation is seeking  an exceptional Online Community Management Specialist who will help tackle one of the biggest public health priorities – helping people to quit smoking. This position is perfect for someone who wants to manage an established online community with a large number of dedicated and active members, while also having an opportunity to nurture and grow a brand new community from the ground up. The Online Community Management Specialist is responsible for community management and social media activities for two smoking cessation communities run by the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research & Policy Studies at Legacy.

Apply here

Head of Marketing & Community34. Head of Marketing and Community, Change Heroes (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Change Heroes is a ‘friend-funding’ platform that helps anyone raise $10,000 to fund meaningful solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. This is a heavily offline community position, and it requires the work of an extroverted community builder. To be successful, you’ll be a highly creative, strategic, and passionate storyteller that will engage and build Change Heroes’ online community globally. You will also be responsible for developing Change Heroes chapters in major cities, community activation events, and establishing programs and partnerships to build a global community.

Apply here

35. VP, Community Development and Engagement, Singularity UniverSU_Logo-BlendWhite007sity (Mountain View, CA)

Singularity University (SU) is a benefit corporation based on NASA’s research campus in Silicon Valley. Their mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. The Vice President Community Development & Engagement (VP) is a newly created role for the purpose of organizing our global efforts under one team. You’ll report directly to the CEO in this dynamic role.

Apply here

Gaming Communities

COO36. Brand and Community Manager, Overdog (Nashville, TN)

Overdog is a social matchmaking platform connecting like-minded gamers to create better online multiplayer experiences. This position heavily relies on social media knowledge and skills in this area. Overdog is seeking an experienced brand and community manager passionate about multiplayer gaming, player communities, influencer relationships, social media, and the gaming industry. You’ll be responsible for managing all outward facing communications via social media channels, websites, and direct messaging as well as representing the community internally.

Apply here

Kamcord37. Community Moderator, Kamcord (San Francisco, CA)

Kamcord is building a community centered around live streams and videos for the world’s 1 billion mobile gamers. Kamcord’s community is large, diverse, and growing quickly. You’ll be on the moderation front-lines in this position. You need to understand the differences between moderation tools such as muting, warnings, and bans with excellent instincts on which tool to use.

Apply here

Online Community Specialist38. Online Community Specialist, The Pokemon Company (Bellevue, WA)

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (TCGO) Team is looking for an Online Community Specialist to engage, inform and delight our fans through quality in-game events, forum activities and other TCGO content. The Online Community Specialist will personally connect with external customers, and provide internal feedback to other departments (product, public relations, marketing, customer service, support, etc.).

Apply here

Support-Focused Communities

Community Support Agent39. Community Support Agent, FameBit (Los Angeles, CA)

FameBit is looking for a Community Support rock star that has strong communication skills, a passion for helping people and a magnetic personality. You’ll be on deck for handling customer support responsibilities, creating educational content and helping grow their community of passionate YouTubers and brands. Knowledge of the YouTube space is a huge plus.

Apply here

Customer Care Community Manager40. Customer Care Community Manager, Automatic Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Automatic Labs is on a mission to build the Connected Car Platform that empower drivers with knowledge about themselves and their cars so they can drive safer, drive smarter and better manage and care for their cars. You’ll work mainly in the online community (hosted by GetSat) and in responding to customers using SparkCentral.

 Apply here

HealthXL-Logo41. User Engagement and Growth Lead, HealthXL (Dublin, IR)

HealthXL is a global market for health innovations and insights. As the User Engagement and Growth Lead you are responsible for working directly with customers to help them get started and increase engagement with the HealthXL Platform, answer questions, track user feedback, report issues, and act as the bridge between customers and product management.

Apply here

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