Community Coordinator

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building mission-driven brands and shared missions

At enso, we believe that impact at scale comes from working across diverse stakeholders, sectors and leaders around Shared Missions. In order to live this out, enso works within a community and network of impact oriented leaders, creators, brands and organizations. We’re looking for a community coordinator who has strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with administrative prowess that will support our community, partnership and growth team as we cultivate, build and enable our community. This person will work with the team to communicate with enso’s community through events, social media and other special projects.

The ideal candidate is someone who can hustle and get things done efficiently and effectively, while building meaningful relationships within our team and with our community. They must be passionate about social impact and have a natural inclination toward organization and process. They will be highly detail-oriented, and proactive about predicting any potential issues. This role is full-time, based in Los Angeles.

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