Community Programme Manager (12 Month Fixed Term)

  • Full Time
  • London

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We are looking for an experienced Community Programme Manager to join our expanding Social Business team in a new Community Development focused role.

The Social Business team helps our people to play in and make sense of the digital world, helping them to make it a key part of their working lives and personal brand development. With our individual business networks now primarily developing online, there is an expectation that all of us will be active users of social channels as an essential part of networking and staying in touch with our clients and colleagues. Our personal brand, ‘face to the world’, matters.

Social Business also needs to recognise that some of our employees may be more traditional in their networking and ways of winning new business. Our Social Business team helps our people to explore the space where online and offline overlap – how do increasingly time poor people decide where to spend their time and what strategies and tools can we give them to help them find the right balance and set the right goals?

You will help us explore how community management principles (largely online) and traditional business development (largely offline) can come together to help us grow new go-to-market strategies, particularly given our move to more agile, client focused office spaces in St Albans, Chelmsford, Oxford and Southampton.

Social Business will also focus on further developing and drawing insight from our existing communities such as Alumni, Faces of a Vibrant Economy, our trainee recruitment community ‘Spilling the Beans’ and our developing, client focused communities such as G ( Description:
Key initial priorities will be:

•Work alongside our Head of Social Business to develop our Social Business team and strategy including recruitment of a community administrator (line management responsibility will be beneficial)
•Work with and connect our community owners to ensure we understand the priorities, challenges and opportunities across their communities
•Set standards and building blocks that make each online community robust and ready for success
•Work with the hosts/community managers in our client focused office spaces to develop best practice principles and guidelines, as well as strategic direction
•Alongside our social media team, apply community management thinking to our “From follows and likes to handshakes” social media coaching programme
•Work with our Business School and Business Development teams to ensure Community Management skills become a key part of how we go to market

You can also expect to:

•Oversee the community development opportunities around our Vibrant Economy programme, including our Faces of a Vibrant Economy 17/18
•Play a key role in supporting the community management of our internal social network, Jam (built on the Jive platform) and building the Social Business team’s presence on the channel
•Contribute to a refresh of the purpose and positioning of Jam as a key part of our wider digital workplace goals
•You will work directly with the Internal Communication team to set key success measures for Jam and work towards improvements in its adoption and levels of engagement
•Advise, challenge and guide stakeholders on using communities for operational improvement and commercial success
•Join an International project team looking at how we develop strong client communities globally
•Coach and mentor as well as share strategies with our existing community owners – where community management may not be their focus
•Become a regular at community events making personal connections with members and attendees and follow these up online
•Review our competitors and industry trends to determine what they’re doing better, how they’re doing it, and how this information can improve our approach
•Regularly visit our offices, particularly our network of agile, client focused offices
•Help to develop community management as a key skill across our Brand, Marketing and Communications team and with our client facing teams in Business Development roles and create new opportunities for Grant Thornton
•Monitor competitor and industry trends in community development and demonstrate what we can learn from them
•Share success stories internally, at appropriate external events and through social media
•Own measurement of the ongoing success of our community projects and deliver regular measurement and engagement reports

You will be

•someone who has proven yourself in building and managing successful communities preferably within a business context. You will be a strong “people person”, with first class communication skills both online and offline
•This role will put you in direct contact with our clients and future clients so you will need to balance your community management skills with a keen eye for business development opportunities and building rapport. You will be a strong networker who can establish and build relationships quickly and easily
•A strong user of, and advocate for, social media in a business context
•Previous experience of the Jive platform or of managing an Enterprise Social Network would be hugely beneficial