Customer Care Specialist / Online Community Manager

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Discover a world of infinite possibilities

Are you the type of person who goes the extra mile to make someone smile (even if you don’t know them)?

Do you genuinely enjoy helping people?…

Is empathy your default reaction to hearing someone else’s problem?

Are you a great listener that can also go the extra mile and help solve a stranger’s problem?

Do you pride yourself in your uncanny ability to turn an angry stranger into a happy new friend?

If this sounds like it was written as more of a description of you than some boring job post… you may have just found your new virtual home!

We’re Soul Space Media and we’re on a mission to guide people to tune into a world of infinite possibilities – our primary business and brand is at where we also run The Manifesting Academy.

We are looking for our next team mate to join a company where dreamers, soul seekers, goal achievers and anyone with a vision to create an extraordinary life comes to realize their infinite potential, and empowered to achieve it.

If you have a genuine love and passion for respecting and serving customers by contributing to something that is larger than you, then we want to invite you to become one of our vibrant, soul centered new team members who can share your gifts with our customers and community.

You will be expected to start with the why, embrace a collaborative team environment and pursue growth and learning every single day. You will be held accountable to make decisions and own the results of those decisions.

We have powerful intentions, care about our team members, and celebrate your success.

As the latest addition to our team, you will fulfill two closely related roles: The Client Care Specialist and Online Community Manager.

You’ll become the frontline and friendly voice of Soul Space Media, assisting our customers through technical challenges to account issues to facilitating connections between members of our online community, plus anything and everything in between.

This is an exciting job for someone who truly cares about making a lasting difference in the lives of others. It’s also a role for someone who enjoys personal growth.


  • Excellent communication skills (both written AND verbal)
  • Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Proven customer support experience a plus
  • Track record of positive customer satisfaction a plus
  • Extremely technically savvy (if you had to, you could teach technically challenged Grandma how to use her iPhone)
  • Familiarity with CRM systems and practices a plus, but not a deal breaker.
  • Experience in the Personal Development/Transformation industry a plus


  • NO EXCUSES – you are someone who doesn’t waste time giving excuses. You see the problems and move past complaining straight into finding a solution and supporting our customer.
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS – you understand how to speak with people in an empathetic, and non-condescending way, but can still be firm if and when the situation calls.
  • SUPERB LISTENER – you can comprehend just as well as you speak AND believe that listening is just as important as speaking.
  • PATIENCE – high level of patience, or the ability to control and keep your temper under wraps…whatever comes first.
  • COMPASSIONATE – you are not a robot. You understand human emotions, feelings, thoughts, tendencies and know how to work it. You can easily take a “template” email response and make a few tweaks so the customer feels both appreciated and validated.
  • TEAM PLAYER – you understand that we’re a team and customer satisfaction is a company and department KPI, NOT an individual accolade.
  • MULTITASK – You are able to wear multiple hats and easily shift from one thing to another.
  • SELF MOTIVATED: As much as you’re a team player, you’re also self motivated and able to keep yourself inspired while working alone at your virtual location.

Success Outcomes:     

  • Continually raising the bar in customer engagement and client satisfaction
  • Advocates on behalf of the customer
  • Always looking for ways to make the customer happy

Work Requirements:

The Client Care Representative / Community Manager is available to work 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (occasional weekends during launches or for live events).


Upload a video to Youtube with the title “Soul Space Application – [YOUR NAME]” and answer the following questions (keep video under 3 minutes)

  1. If your closest friend were to describe you in 1 or 2 sentences, what would they say?
  2. Why do you want to be a part of our team?
  3. Why would you be perfect for this role?
  4. What is unique about you?
  5. Where did you find us?

Once the video is uploaded, email link the link and resume to [email protected] with the name of the job position you’re applying to in the subject line.

Application Deadline is Monday, July 24th

To apply for this job email your details to