May 19, 2015

The Premier Gathering of the World's Top Community Professionals, Founders and Experts

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What is CMX Summit?

At CMX, we’re on a mission to establish, unite and advance the community industry.

CMX Summit is the leading conference for community builders, bringing together the world’s most inspiring and experienced speakers on the topic of community strategy. It’s not just tech on stage. Experts from psychology, art, science, military, music and other fields come to CMX to share their unique perspectives on building communities.

Whether you’re working to inject community into your organization, you want to hire a community professional, you want to network with the most awesome community professionals or just want to learn from some of the most inspiring speakers in the world, you don’t want to miss CMX Summit.

(5% of all proceeds will go to support the recovery effort in Nepal)

Who is CMX Summit for?

Community professionals – Whatever you call yourself; Community Manager, Director of Community, Community Architect, VP of Community, Marketing Manager, Customer Success, Customer Service, Social Media…if you’re building community for a living, this conference is for you.

Founders building community – Hundreds of founders have come to CMX events to learn how to build community focused platforms. Startups building social networks, marketplaces, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing or any other community centric product will love CMX Summit.

Any professional interested in applying community to their work – Community can be applied to everything in business. Product, development, design, marketing, sales… a focus on understanding people, how they think and how to bring them together will exponentially improve everything you do.

Event Details:

(The full agenda can be found by scrolling down)

May 18th – Workshops
Location: General Assembly (10 East 21st Street, New York, NY 10010)
Time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Official Pre-Party Sponsored by Salesforce Community Cloud
Location: The Knitting Factory
Time: May 18th, 8:00pm
(free for everyone, but you must RSVP here)

May 19th – CMX Summit Conference:
Location: Music Hall of Williamsburg (66 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
Time: 8:00am-5:00pm

Official Afterparty Sponsored by
Location: Music Hall of Williamsburg (immediately following the last talk of the conference)
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm
(must be a registered attendee or purchase an “after party only ticket” below)


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • “A certain inexplicable magic seemed to be afoot in that room full of community-minded folks."

    Tim Falls, VP of Community,
  • "I've been waiting 25 years for the conversations happening here at CMX Summit"

    Ellen Leanse, Apple's First User Evangelist

Conference Schedule

We'd love for you to join us!

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CMX Summit Workshops

Workshops will be on Monday, May 18th at General Assembly

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm (all workshops are at this time) Address: 10 East 21st Street, New York, NY 10010

Space is strictly limited to 20 people or less in workshops to ensure that each one is intimate and that students can get answers to their specific questions.

You can only select one workshop (you'll be able to choose your workshop in the registration form)

Workshop 1: Intro to Community Strategy (SOLD OUT)

David Spinks New CircleTeacher: David Spinks, CEO of CMX Media

New to the world of Community Management? This is the workshop for you. David Spinks is the CEO of CMX and has been building community and advising many of the leading organizations on their community strategy for over 7 years. Now through CMX he spends every day working to train and educate the world's community professionals.

Takeaways you can expect from this workshop:

- Psychology of communities and how to apply it to your work - How to launch, engage, scale and track your community - How to figure out the ROI and value of community


Workshop 2: Building your Retention and Gamification Strategy

isafTeacher: Justin Isaf, Head of Community at Toptal In this workshop, we'll go over the basics of how to delight users to fuel retention. We'll dive into "gamification" and why most people get it wrong, then equip you with the deep understanding you need to get it right. At the end of it, you will walk away with concrete next steps to take action and improve retention and fanaticism in your community with the least amount of work possible.
Justin Isaf has been building communities for over 12 years, ranging from launching niche gaming communities to running the largest actively managed community on the internet. He has worked for and consulted for companies such as The HuffingtonPost, The World Bank,,, Salon Media Group, Cambia Healthcare, and many more.
Justin Isaf is probably the most brilliant community advocate, mentor, product builder and communicator that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's one of the few people who every time I meet, teaches me something new, and offers a new perspective on a social media or community issue. Bright thinker, great communicator, amazing leader, and good friend, I'd recommend him for any organization who wants to change the world. Seriously. ­ Matt Knell, Vice President, Social Media and Community Strategy,
What's in it for you?
  • You will learn the language, psychology and frameworks that will make you look smart when talking about gamification in meetings.
  • (Possibly) more importantly you'll have concrete tools, features and activities to increase retention and drive the activities you want more of.
  • Three people will have the opportunity to have retention and motivation systems designed specifically for their communities, around their specific challenges! 
1. Intro to gamification

- Defining and understanding core terms and principals - Understanding what motivates people - Deep dive into long-term motivation

2. Building momentum

- Inertia and how to overcome it - Inertia and how to maintain it - Inertia and the importance of peer pressure

3. Case Studies Intro
4. Working groups
5. Case Studies show and tell
6. Review, resources and tearful goodbyes

To join this workshop, please purchase a workshop or combo ticket and select Workshop 2 in the registration form.

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Workshop 3: Integrating your Community and Product Strategy

Rei_Square (1)Teacher: Rei Wang, Global Community Lead at General Assembly

What do community management and product management have in common? How can Community Managers and Product Managers effectively work together? We’ll dive into these questions in this workshop and learn the tools and strategies to build great products with your community. We’ll discuss how to leverage your community to inform, test, and validate product features. We’ll also outline ways to convert your community members into product contributors/evangelists. We’ll walk through real case studies of community-powered product development and then we’ll work in groups to craft actionable community engagement strategies. This workshop is ideal for community managers, product managers or anyone who’s looking to transition into community or product management. Rei is the Global Community Lead for Hub at General Assembly and has 6+ years of experience in community development and marketing strategy. Rei's worked in both the corporate and startup world and her experience ranges from creating global campaigns for The United Nations and Coca-Cola at Ogilvy to building grassroots movements to drive social impact at GOOD. Takeaways you can expect from this workshop: - Be able to work more effectively with your community and product teams - Understand how to leverage your community to inform product features and the benefits of involving your community in the product development lifecycle - Learn how to identify opportunities to involve your community and create an actionable community engagement strategy that enables your community to meaningfully contribute to your product - Present your community engagement strategy and be able to communicate your ideas to stakeholders Prereqs & Preparation: Knowledge of community management and product management concepts is helpful but not necessary. To join this workshop, please purchase a workshop or combo ticket and select Workshop 3 in the registration form.

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Workshop 4: Community Driven Marketing and ROI

Lauren Perkins CircleTeacher: Lauren Perkins, CEO, Perks Consulting

Community and marketing often come hand in hand, but how do you efficiently integrate the two? How do you then capture and demonstrate the business value of this community without turning them into your biggest detractors.
Lauren Perkins, author of The Community Manager’s Playbook, will talk about the role that community can play in your marketing strategy and how to measure and communicate the ROI of your community initiatives.In this interactive workshop designed for community managers currently working to marketing initiatives or departments, you will identify community metrics most relevant to your marketing and business KPIs, develop an action plan to measure and optimize your community initiatives, and create a kickass monthly performance report.
Takeaways you can expect from this workshop: - Learn how other companies are integrating community and marketing - Gain a deep understanding of different community marketing tactics - Learn how to track the effectiveness of your community and determine the ROI of your work - Put together a monthly performace report to track your work and report on progress To join this workshop, please purchase a workshop or combo ticket and select Workshop 4 in the registration form.

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