We’ve saved all of the videos from CMX Summit NYC in one place so you can watch them together just as all the attendees did. To view slides, follow us on Slideshare for the very best community-related presentations.

Day 1

Opening Keynote
Tina Roth Eisenberg: Building a Community by Letting Go

Lauren Perkins: The Business Value of Community


Cindy Au: How to Hire and Scale a Community Team

Morgan Evans: The Intersection of Community and Company Culture


Jack Shephard: Crowdsourcing Content

Lauren Cuccinotta: Working with Volunteers to Build and Scale a Global Community


Erik Martin: Empowering Your Community to Manage Itself


Caleb Gardner: How to Build Communities that Take Action


Evening Keynote


Scott Heiferman: Lessons Learned from Building Meetup.com


 Day 2

Morning Keynote


Robin Dreeke: Strategies for Building Trust


Richard Millington: How to Use Social Science to Build Addictive Online Communities


 Nathalie Nahai: The Secret Psychology of Online Persuasion


Danya Cheskis-Gold: Build the Right Community Using the Customer Development Model


Melanie Stevenson: The Pencils of Promise Story

Jason Evanish: How Community and Product Can Build Great Products Together

Fireside Chat: Building Fitocracy with Brian Wang and David Spinks


Closing Keynote

Scott Belsky: Realizations from Connecting the Creative World

Carrie Melissa Jones

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