We’ve brought together all the edited footage from CMX Summit San Francisco 2014 (with slides included!), and we’re excited to be able to share all the learning with those who were unable to attend or who want a refresher on everything we learned.

In addition to all the videos below, we’ve also uploaded all the professional photos from the event, courtesy of Kevin Kluck photography. Join our Facebook group, tag yourself, and re-live the fun times.

Opening Talk: David Spinks, CEO of CMX Media: Why We’re Building the Community Industry

Why you should watch: David tells us exactly why we’re driven to organize the community industry. He shares personal stories and the long-term vision of CMX, this thing here you’re a part of.

Jess Lee, CEO of Polyvore: The Three Core Principals for Rapidly Growing a Community Platform

Why you should watch: Jess Lee is the CEO and honorary co-founder of Polyvore, which is the second largest driver of social commerce on the Internet today. She shares incredibly actionable tips that will get you started giving back to your community immediately. She also shares quotable tidbits like: The best growth hack is to cultivate delight for your users.” 

Read the full article here.

Chris Lindland, CEO of Betabrand: Crowdsourcing Your Company

Why you should watch: Chris Lindland shares exactly how Betabrand leverages people’s desire to be offbeat in order to crowdsource marketing materials and products for their company. If you’re looking to delve into user-generated content, this is a can’t-miss talk.

Read the full article here.

Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt: The Building Blocks of Community

Why you should watch this: In his talk, Ryan shares three concrete stages of building community (so you can figure out where you are in your building process) and 13 solid tactics he has used to grow the Product Hunt community. Product Hunt has a cult following and Ryan is always looking for ways to delight the product’s members.

Read the full article here.

Shira Levine, Head of Community at Yerdle: How to Measure Community

Why you should watch: Shira delves into an actionable presentation that outlines the 80/20 rule and how to get your users to climb up the “Shiramyd of Engagement.” Shira cracks us up throughout with her comedic presentation and enthusiasm for community (she’s been building community online for 15+ years!).

Marcus Graham, Director of Community and Education at Twitch: Strategies for Growing a Community

Why you should watch: Marcus’ talk defines how Twitch organizes its community and some of the programs they have put together to continue honoring what the community has done for them. This talk gives you a glimpse into the growth of a rabid fanbase and how Twitch puts its community first. 

Read the full article here.

Erica Kuhl, Senior Director of Community at Salesforce: How to Prove Community ROI

Why you should watch: Erica explains how, over seven years, Salesforce has defined metrics that prove the ROI of the community work that Erica has done. She gives us solid examples of what community metrics you can track and gives us a glimpse into what great community ROI looks like.

Read the full article here.

Douglas Atkin, Global Head of Community at Airbnb: Creating Movements Through Community

Why you should watch: This is a truly can’t-miss talk, in which Douglas defines how communities can spark movements, outlines concrete ways that a company can begin to define its community, and how the commitment curve works when building movements.

Read the full article here.

Daria Topousis, Community of Practice Expert at NASA: Building Internal Community

Why you should watch: Even if you don’t build internal community, Daria’s principles for building one on NASA’s massive scale can be applied to all types of community building practices. Internal community building also happens to be a rapidly growing field, absolutely essential for the long-term success of big businesses. Daria explains why.

Read the full article here.

Andrew Hyde, Founder of Startup Weekend: Building a Global Volunteer-Driven Community

Why you should watch: Not only is this talk hilarious, it also offers some huge ideas in terms of why we build communities, how we engage volunteers, and what a strong community looks like.

Read the full article here.

Amy Jo Kim, CEO of Shufflebrain: 5 Tips for Collaborative Design in Communities

Why you should watch: Amy Jo Kim has built cooperative games like Guitar Hero and The Sims, massive successes in community gaming. In her talk, you’ll learn to think about community from a design perspective and you’ll walk away with the tools you need to build a cooperative – rather than competitive – community space.

Read the full article here.

Coming Soon: Jenn Sander, How Burning Man Built a Community Movement

jen sander burning man cmx summit

For now, you can read the takeaways from Jenn’s talk here.

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