Our mission here at CMX is to help community professionals thrive. One of the major ways we do that is by bringing together the industry for CMX Summit, the premier conference for community professionals looking to further their craft.

We hustle to get the most amazing, informative speakers from the world of professional community building and beyond, from directors of community to FBI behavioral analysts to startup founders to former nuclear submarine captains to the national field director for the Obama campaign.

CMX Summit West 2016 is going to follow in that tradition while taking it to a whole new level.

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The Details:

Date: November 1-2, 2016

Location: Galvanize and Innovation Hangar, San Francisco

Tickets and more information: CMX Summit West 2016

(Our pre-sale sold out in less than 24 hours, so be sure to grab your tickets quick!)

What’s New:

Every time we sit down to plan the next CMX Summit, we think about what changes we should make to ensure the event is the most beneficial to you. This year, it’s been clear that the community industry is evolving at an increasing pace. Gone are the days of guesswork and shrugging off ROI.

Each year, we see more frameworks, more calculations, more formalization and more careful innovation. We’re moving from an art to a science. And you, the community professional, are taking your practice to the next level. You don’t just need inspiring frameworks for building community. You’ve told us clearly you really want to get into the nitty-gritty. You don’t want to be left behind.

So in addition to the amazing keynote speakers from the world of community and beyond, we’re also adding tracks and dedicated sessions to dig into the specifics of different community approaches, implementations, and focuses.

Sessions Will Cover:

  • Customer support communities
  • Acquisition and retention-focused communities
  • Developer communities
  • Employee engagement

This means that this CMX Summit will follow in our tradition of upping the ante with the best keynote speakers yet, and it will also have the MOST speakers we’ve ever had at CMX Summit. No matter what your focus is, CMX Summit West 2016 will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Announcing Our First Round of Speakers (Day 2)

Alexis Ohanian redditAlexis Ohanian
Co-founder, Reddit

Alexis was the top-rated speaker at CMX Summit East this year, and he had such a great time that he’s coming back! He’ll share insights from building one of the biggest collections of communities in the world.

Emiliana Simon-ThomasEmiliana Simon-Thomas
Science Director, Greater Good Science Center

Emiliana is a leading expert on the neuroscience and psychology of compassion, kindness, gratitude, and other pro-social skills. Her work spotlights the science that connects health and happiness to social affiliation, caregiving, and collaborative relationships, as she continues to examine the potential for – as well as the benefits of – living a more meaningful life. She’ll speak about her work with companies, like Facebook’s Protect and Care team, which aims to foster authentic, benevolent communication – particularly in the face of conflict – and support people through life’s difficult moments.

Scott ShigeokaScott Shigeoka
Community Designer & Storyteller, IDEO

Scott has built and learned from communities all across the world – from starting a music festival in Iceland to building experiences for social entrepreneurs in Costa Rica to running workshops in Kosovo. Scott is currently the storyteller and community designer for OpenIDEO, which has convened nearly 100,000 people from around the world to use human-centered design to solve social and environmental challenges. Scott will be sharing lessons from his wealth of community-building experiences around the world.

Jono BaconJono Bacon
Community Strategist

Jono doesn’t merely have 10 years of experience building community in some of the richest open source environments in the world – he also literally wrote the book on community. Previously Director of Community at Canonical, GitHub, XPRIZE, and OpenAdvantage, Jono has also advised and consulted for a huge number of companies including Deutsche Bank, Intel, Mozilla, and Sony. Jono will be bringing his immense open-source experience to bear as he explains how to build a truly lasting and effective developer community.

Adriana CerundoloAdriana Cerundolo
Program Manager, Google Developer Groups

Adriana has spent years at Google building up the massive Google Developer Group program – currently nearly 600 chapters in over 100 countries. She’ll be speaking about how, by engaging passionate fans and distributing control, she’s been able to scale a program that delivers product awareness and adoption on a consistent, international basis.

Luke SinclairLuke Sinclair
Director of Global Community, Field Communication Channels & Knowledge Management – American Express

With over 10 years experience working with large enterprise intranets, employee collaboration technology, and communication tools, Luke Sinclair is a wealth of knowledge on how crucial community and engagement are to the workplace. He’ll be speaking about the powerful program they’ve built to unite a massive, global sales force and increase communication and productivity.

(And that’s just the first round of speakers!)

Announcing CMX Summit Workshops (Day 1)

And as always, on Day 1 of CMX Summit West we’ll be providing in-depth workshops that give you hours of hands-on help from some of the most experienced professionals in the community business. With workshops for beginner to advanced levels, you’ll get actionable insights, repeatable frameworks, and personal help from each of our instructors.

davidIntroduction to Community Strategy
David Spinks

Our fearless leader will set you up for success with a clear framework for your community strategy, examples of how other companies are executing and succeeding with these programs, and you’ll connect with other students who are working through similar challenges as you.

Scott MoorePlanning for Success: Community Implementation and Launch
Scott Moore
Community Strategist

Scott will bring his 20+ years building communities to this workshop, which tackles the question: You have a strategy – now how do you ensure that it lands successfully? Scott will walk you through how to put all the pieces in place for a successful launch and first 5 months of your community – from community guidelines to moderation practices to platform selection and more.

Shira LevineBuilding on Community Success: Buy-In, Iteration, and Troubleshooting
Shira Levine
CEO, Fanchismo; Formerly of Zynga, eBay, Yerdle, DC Comics

Bring your challenges to this interactive workshop in which online community pioneer Shira Levine will lead you through the realities of putting your strategic vision into action. You’ll learn how to build on your existing successes, nail internal diplomacy, and get organizational support. Along the way, you’ll receive tons of best practices and examples from thriving communities, large & small. Come prepared to laugh and let off steam.

Holly GoldinScaling Your Community
Holly Goldin
Community Program Manager, Salesforce

Longtime CMX member and community wunderkind Holly Goldin leads this intermediate to advanced workshop. So you’ve built a successful community program…and management wants to see it bigger. How do you scale your community efforts without costs increasing accordingly? Holly will take her experience building huge, distributed programs and teach you how to empower others, let go of control, and still maintain a high-quality community program.

So That’s It?

No way. That’s not all. CMX Summit West 2016 will feature breakout sessions where you get to connect with others, two incredibly fun pre- and after-parties, amazing hallway conversations, product demos, lawn games, beautiful San Francisco architecture, standing ovations, and much more. You won’t just learn a ton. You’ll also have a blast and make friends for life.

In short, this will be the best CMX Summit yet and a crucial event for anyone wishing to keep their community skills sharp or invest in community for the very first time. Join us and level up!

Evan Hamilton

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