We are back with another roundup of great opportunities for community professionals. There are a whole range of community-building opportunities here from part-time to full-time, non-profits to digital art companies to educational technology companies to the ever-beloved Airbnb. Apply now before you miss your chance!

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1-2. Two Amazing Opportunities at Airbnb NYC:

Digital Campaign Organizer, Community Relationship Managerimages

Airbnb is expanding quickly. Here is your opportunity to get your foot in the door at one of the most exciting, dynamic, community-forward companies in technology today. They’re hiring not one, but TWO full-time positions in their New York office. If you’re interested, apply below or send us an email for a personal introduction to the hiring manager.

Apply here

3-4. Two More Amazing Opportunities in San Francisco:

Head of Marketing and Growth, Content Marketing and Community Manager at NeonMobneonmob

Another two for one here for you. NeonMob is a platform for digital artists and collectors, and its shaping the future of art collecting online. NeonMob is looking for a dedicated community hire with past experience running communities. This will be a dynamic and important role at an exciting company in San Francisco.

 Apply here


5. Community Development and Engagement Managerted

TED is seeking a community development and engagement manager to keep building out their global community of thought leaders. This position was previously run by Lauren Cucinotta, a member of the CMX Hub on Facebook and speaker at CMX Summit NYC. This is an amazing opportunity at an equally amazing company.

Apply here


6. Community and Marketing Manager, Startup Institutelarge_si_logo

The Startup Institute in NYC is seeking a community and marketing manager. The Startup Institute’s mission is to align people with work that they are passionate about. They are looking for a community and marketing manager to develop outreach strategies to new students and engage their existing community.

Apply here

7. Community Support, Storenvystorenvy

Storenvy’s mission is to make ecommerce more human. You’ll be on deck for handling both customer and merchant support responsibilities and report directly to their Community Director. This is a support-heavy role on a dedicated customer support team, perfect for those who love to surprise and delight!

Apply here


8. Community Technology Training and Engagement Specialist, Newselanewsela

Newsela is a reading company that helps students improve their literacy skills using daily news. As the Community Technology Training and Engagement Specialist, you’ll be training, modeling and assisting teachers in utilizing technology in the classroom to improve student outcomes. You will play a key role in the onboarding and training of thousands of teachers and make sure they have the best experience with our product – from the very start.

Apply here

9. Part-time Community Manager, Kinvolvedkinvolved

Kinvolved, an ed tech startup based in Brooklyn, NY, is hiring a part time Community Manager to manage and support about 20 schools using their app in West Harlem (Districts 5 and 6). The Community Manager will be involved with training schools on how to use the app, visiting schools on a weekly basis to gather feedback, and work with school leaders to develop interventions to improve school-wide and student-specific attendance based on data the app gathers.

Apply here


10. Director of Partner Experience, 100Kin10100Kin10-Logo

100Kin10 – a collaborative network that is comprised of about 200 organizations that have committed to providing America’s classrooms with 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021 – is looking for a Director of Partner Experience to join our leadership team. This is a senior-level position and a wonderful opportunity!

Apply here


11. Community Manager or Director, One Degree1deg

One Degree is a nonprofit organization that is revolutionizing the way low-income families access poverty-fighting resources. As the Community Director or Manager, you will help build One Degree and its community from the ground up and solve major problems that plague our safety net.

Apply here

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