Derek Andersen, Founder of Startup Grind and Bevy, is interviewed by CMX CEO, David Spinks. Startup Grind is a global community of over 1 million entrepreneurs, with events run by volunteers in 365 cities. Now Derek’s new platform Bevy is helping other companies build similar programs. Learn how to get your own local event communities off the ground and how to scale up a global community.

Derek Andersen is the founder and CEO of Startup Grind, a community of over 300 Chapters in 120 countries designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Startup Grind’s values of giving, helping others, and making friends have spread across the world. Since 2012 Startup Grind has hosted 5,000 events for more than 200,000 entrepreneurs. In 2009 Derek founded Vaporware Labs, incubating many products including Startup Grind and professional social network Commonred, which was acquired by Income.com in 2012. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and children.

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Erica is the Director of Product Strategy and Community Experience at CMX. She is a proven community manager, events manager, and author. Previously, Erica wrangled an online marketing and SEO-focused community of 600,000 at Moz. She’s also a founder of GeekGirlCon, a Seattle nonprofit. Erica has a comic book collection that’s an earthquake hazard. Follow her at @emcgillivray.