Lynn Abate-Johnson

Lynn is a long-time member at CMX, having attended the very first CMX Summit, “back in the day.” In In fact, she’s been seen “lurking” while live-tweeting at many conferences over the years.

Community building, on and offline comes naturally to Lynn, having been raised in customer-facing businesses since the age of 9. Originally born in Detroit, Michigan, Lynn calls the beach in sunny San Diego her current home, where she lives in her RV with her husband, Corey.
Lynn is a study in contradictions. She's as comfortable in a board room as at Burning Man (a 10-year “veteran”).

She's also a recovering English, Psychology, and Computer Science Major, fascinated by the intersection between humans and technology.

Lynn is a fun-loving #AuntyMama to 10 nieces and nephews (she turns them on to Metallica and classic rock at every possible opportunity).

Connect with Lynn here:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn: @LAJbiz

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