Nominations are now closed!

Public voting will open on October 20.

The Community Industry Awards celebrate the achievements of the best in the community industry. Thank you for helping us celebrate!

Come back on October 20 to cast your vote!

What are the Community Industry Awards?

September 2

CMX Summit 2021, Announce nominations and the 2022 season

Sept 2 - Oct 8

Nominations are open!

Oct 20 - Nov 19

Public voting is open!

Nov 19 - Dec 17

Expert judges weigh in on nominations and make their choices

January 12

Category finalists are announced!

January 24, 2022

Winners are announced live at the virtual Community Industry Awards Ceremony


Yes! However, you can only nominate one person or community per category.

Yes! You are welcome to nominate yourself, your community, or someone on your team! Go ahead, toot your own horn.

We require your email in order to track the number of times you have voted per category. You are able to vote once per person per category. We will not use your email for any other communications without your permission.

Once a nomination is submitted, the CMX team looks at the quality of the nomination (are the questions answered in full, does the nomination include evidence of why the nominee meets the criteria for the award, and how relevant the nomination is for the particular category).

All accepted nominations will be put up to a public vote.

Once the public has had their say, our expert judges will score each nomination out of ten, ten being the highest score (criteria: thoughtful response in application, clear examples shared that show measurable growth/success, etc.).

Public votes will be tallied and each nomination will be ranked based on the number of votes they received, using a scale where 1 is the least number of public votes.

To tally the final score, the public vote rank was added to the average of the judges scores

In the event of a tie in the final score, the nominee with the higher vote from the judges is the winner.

In the event the vote from the judges is also a tie, the nominee with more public votes is the winner. Extra points are awarded to nominees who received 10/10 from judges, as well as if they received 10/10 from all judges

In this example, the nominee received the most public votes (at 103), there were 15 nominees in this category, and the average score from the judges was 9. We add the ranking (15), to the average score from our judges (9), and receive the final score (24). The final score is how we determine the winner

Public Votes Ranking Expert Judges Final Score
103 15 9 24

Community Industry Award winners will receive: 

  • A free ticket to CMX Summit 2022
  • Free lifetime access to CMX Academy courses ($499 USD per course)
  • a Community Industry Awards trophy
  • More prizes to be announced.

You will receive your trophy either in person at CMX Summit 2022 or via mail. If you are unable to attend, your trophy will be sent to the address you provide at the time.

September 2: CMX Summit 2021, Announce nominations and the 2022 season

Sept 2 - Oct 8: Nominations are open

Oct 20 - Nov 19: Public voting is open 

Nov 19 - Dec 17: Expert judges weigh in on nominations and make their choices 

January 12, 2022: Category finalists are announced!

January 24, 2022: Winners are announced live at the virtual Community Industry Awards Ceremony

Great! We’re happy to help. We love any and all feedback on how we can improve your Community Industry Awards experience. Please email Beth at

CMX and the Community Industry Awards are powered by Bevy. Beyond that, Bevy does not influence our judging criteria. That’s why we have a panel of expert judges!

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