Looking for the research results? We’ve got those here

Today is a big day for the community industry.

We’re about to kick off something that could change careers, change business landscapes, and give you an arsenal of tools to help you succeed as a community professional. And we’ll need your help to launch it. We need your voice to be heard.

But, first, let us explain.

As we announced today at CMX Summit, we are kicking off our first-ever research project, in partnership with Leader Networks.

We’ve been working hard over the last four months to examine the community research landscape. We were looking not just for “fun data” or “nice-to-look-at” infographics, but rigorous, cause-and-effect analysis for community builders. We found a few pieces to guide us, but not nearly enough to carry us down the path from idea to massive growth.

We need proven models for building communities so we have a strategic backbone to the work we do, creating legitimacy and long-term career growth.

Today, many of us are trying half-baked “hacks” or attempting trial-and-error community building tactics. Those are okay. They’re a nice band-aid. We’ve used ’em for years.

But we’re growing up a little more each day. As a result, we need the real deal. We need the kind of data that executives care about. So we’re doing something about it.

Announcing the Online Community Readiness and Growth Survey

Today, we’re kicking off the Online Community Readiness and Growth Survey. This research will focus on giving community builders the tools they need to launch successful branded online communities.

Leader Networks, whose leaders have over 20 years of social research experience, designed the survey alongside us, to answer the following burning questions:

  • What are the best approaches for selling the community internally and gathering executive support?
  • What should the focus of the community strategy and operations be and what has worked for others?
  • What are the factors that go into choosing the right platform to execute on a community strategy?
  • How do the most successful organizations support community professionals in their roles from the get-go?
  • What are all the technical and tactical pieces that you need in place before launching an online community?

The study will result in an actionable benchmark for any organization that has launched or plans to launch an online community.

In the months after the survey wraps up (in January and February), expect to see:

  • A big picture report
  • A shareable infographic
  • A slidedeck report you can send to your boss to sell community internally

This research will help you ready yourself for the launch (or growth) of your organization’s online community, and it will help you gain stakeholders and resources as you prepare to gather your people.

Thank you for helping us move this industry forward, and for being part of making all of us more successful in our roles.

Thank you to project sponsors Salesforce, Vanilla, and Jive. We could not do this work without your help!




Carrie Melissa Jones

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