When we start planning a new CMX Summit, we don’t think about how we can replicate the last one. We think about how we can make it even better. A lot of what we change is qualitative and can’t be measured. But occasionally, it can be.

In addition to announcing that general admission tickets are now available, we’re pleased to announce five additional speakers for CMX Summit West 2016, which brings the total to 15 instructors and speakers… and we’re not even done yet!

All of these speakers have been obsessively vetted. They all have amazing stories, practical takeaways, and metrics galore. Ready to meet them?

Announcing:  New Speakers Added to the CMX Summit Lineup

Jake McKee, Apple & LEGOJake McKee (LEGO, Apple, and more)
Session: Keynote & Support Communities

Jake has 15+ years of experience building communities at some of the most recognizable brands. He pioneered LEGOs community efforts, helping lead the company from popular children’s toy to inescapable global brand. He helped develop customer-centric strategies at his consultancy for companies like Canon, H&R Block, HP, and Maker’s Mark. And he’s just come off a stint running Apple’s support communities and is about to begin a new community-focused endeavor. He probably wouldn’t want us to say this, but: he’s kind of a big deal. Jake will be sharing thoughts on building support communities as well as how to design any community for longevity.

Amir Shevat, SlackAmir Shevat (Slack)
Session: Developer Communities

Amir worked at a few small companies by the name of Microsoft and Google before landing his dream job at Slack. Amir helps lead the company’s strategy of becoming the operating system for your office. He runs a massive, multi-faceted developer relations programs that includes an ecosystem of 500+ apps from everyone from Lyft to brand-new companies. He’ll be speaking about when to invest in a developer relations program and how to get buy-in and budget.

Alicia Taggio, HootsuiteAlicia Taggio (Hootsuite)
Session: Acquisition and Retention

If you or anyone you know uses Hootsuite (hint: they do – Hootsuite has over 10 million users) they probably heard about it through a Hootsuite Ambassador. Boasting over 600 members, the Hootsuite Ambassadors passionately spread the word of Hootsuite throughout the world. Alicia – who started as a Hootsuite Ambassador herself – will share the story of how Hootsuite built their advocacy strategy and Ambassador program into the beast it is today.

Maia JosebachviliMaia Josebachvili (Greenhouse)
Session: Employee Engagement

Maia is a relatively unique combo: she’s a data-driven engineer who also understands the value of people. And this gives her the powerful ability to apply numbers to the world of engagement. At Greenhouse, she helps companies understand the value (the real value, not the hand-wavy kind) of investing in employees. At CMX Summit, she’ll walk you through how to measure the value of investing in community (whether it be employees or customers) and how to make that case to management.

Brian Oblinger, AlteryxBrian Oblinger (Alteryx)
Session: Support Communities

How many community professionals at a company of 200+ report directly to the CEO? Brian does. Alteryx has taken the dramatic (and brilliant) approach of putting community front and center in their strategy. Brian’s first task? Rather than make community-driven customer support an element of Alteryx’s support strategy, he’s making it their number one channel for support. Brian will speak about why community support is the future of customer service, how to know if your company is ready, and how to integrate community support seamlessly into your customer service process.

See the full lineup on the CMX Summit site.

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