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This page is a resource hub for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information for community professionals.

Here you will find announcements, blog posts, resources, and advice about community building, online and offline, and the way it’s changing in these uncertain times.

Upcoming Virtual Events


Join us for an online training to learn concrete (and creative!) tips you can apply for your next online event, whether a team meeting, work session, or large conference!
Spots are limited so please be sure to sign up!


Hear from the Community Manager at Gitlab, Raymond Paik. He will present on using metrics in open source communities and dive into specifics on what the Gitlab team does to track this . After the presentation, join us for roundtable discussions on open source communities and key takeaways from the talk.

APRIL 11 (GMT+1)

Come learn about the skills and tools to empower your community.

APRIL 8 [ 7:30pm CET ]

Join us as we bring you an exclusive fireside chat with Shana Sumers, Head of Community at HER Social APP - a dating and social app to connect womxm and queer people. She will be sharing how her and her team have adapted their community strategy & event models during this time to cater for their 5 million users worldwide whilst providing continued value and keeping the momentum going.

APRIL 14 [ 12:00pm ET ]

In this session, you'll learn how to build a community full of dedicated customers and Super Fans that elevate your brand and advocate on your behalf.

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Resources from the Community

A place for all sorts of online events to stay connected (and learn, get inspired, support social entrepreneurs...) during the quarantine (In English and French).

Community management is often a catch-all role for a hundred different skills that need to be employed on a regular basis.

Best practices, tips, tricks, and advice for bringing your offline events online, and  running virtual events.

A succinct and valuable guide to improving your time-management skills while working from home.

CMX Announcements


Published: March 18, 2020 

To say the world has changed in the last few weeks, is an understatement.

Like all of you, the team at CMX and Bevy have been working on our plans, building contingencies, and supporting all our community members and customers with their shifting strategies.

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