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Communities and tribes have always been a fundamental part of the human experience. Online communities are no different. The foundations of community-building are part of our innate psychology.

By now you already know about some of the tactics and strategies you can use to launch and engage your community, like leveraging passion and attracting members to live events. We walked you through some of the steps communities like Toptal and Twitch used to grow. Salesforce also showed us more about scaling and tracking the ROI of community.

And we know what you’re thinking: maybe your industry has nothing to do with CRM for sales professionals or gaming enthusiasts. But while the tactics for growing your community may change, the key pillars are still constant across any industry and absolutely fundamental to your success.

Ready to find out what they are and apply them to your own community? Read on.

Case Studies

Andrew Hyde Founded Startup Weekend – Here are His Four Pillars of Community

Put forth a distinct style and intent to grow events and community initiatives around the world.

The Fascinating Psychology Behind the Yelp Elite Program

Before you even think about building a community, know what your brand stands for.

The Simple Model That Has Made Product Hunt Incredibly Addictive for Thousands of Community Members

Building an incredibly addictive community doesn’t have to be complicated. Create a hook that plays on internal and external triggers that creates a loop for your users.

The SPACES Model for Determining Your Community’s Business Value

To determine the value of community and its ROI, answer the questions “Where does community live in a business?” and “What is the value of community and its ROI?” using the SPACES Model.

The CMX Community Measurement Strategy

Map out your community measurement strategy by collecting data.

From the Blog

4 Traits That Vibrant, Fast-Growing Communities Have in Common

When testing strategies in a brand-new community or scaling a new one, start small and consistently pursue your goals for at least 30 days.

The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Could Kill Your Community

To launch a successful online community, you need the right data and practical advice to overcome common pitfalls and find the areas critical to community strategy.

The 7 Essential Keys to Community Success

There are several keys that can help you achieve community success, but at the end of the day, it requires you to dedicate at least one team member to your community’s strategy and management.

How The Best Community Professionals Act Like CEOs

There’s no getting around doing the hard work of community building, but it will also help make your path to success crystal clear.

2017 CMX Summit

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CMX Summit brings together experts and pragmatic approaches to community for business success. Our conference seeks to expand the discussions, techniques, and tactics applied to community building and support communities and their builders at scale. We want to show businesses practical ways to invest in their communities.

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