Last month, we released data from over 400 community and marketing professionals in a research study called Keys to Community Readiness and Growth. The study used mixed methods to fuel a full report; an extensive survey was followed by interviews with experienced community professionals.

One of the most important findings we uncovered from all this data-diving? Companies are waking up to the impact community is capable of having on core operations and revenue. In fact, 86% of companies now believe that having a branded online community will positively impact core operations, and 85% believe it will improve the customer journey and increase trust.

What does this mean?

For many years, community professionals have struggled to prove their business value, get organizational buy-in and resources, and clarify where they should focus their time and efforts. Their businesses may understand that community has some nebulous value, but — until recently — many could not articulate clear goals that the community would accomplish.

As a result, businesses would hire community professionals without knowing what business value they would drive and how to map the impact of their work. Community professionals would often grow disillusioned, unfocused, bored, or burn out.

This data shows that companies are now seeing the community light. They know that community can impact the way that they do business from the inside-out. Those who have launched community strategies (two-thirds of our respondents) and have been successful have shared what makes them work well: clear business goals, early growth, and a dedicated community builder.

As a result, they’re hiring community professionals at a greater rate and many are gathering the resources they need to launch community for the very first time.

2016 is the year of clearly articulated community strategy — and it means a hiring boom for community pros. And this isn’t just something we are seeing as a result of being deeply embedded in the community industry. Community was the buzzword of the year at 2016’s SXSW Interactive as a whole, according to Apple’s Musa Tariq:

Let’s look at the data.

Community Impacts Core Operations

To this end, companies who have launched communities have opened their eyes to the need to staff their efforts. While those considering an online community have not yet realized that they often need a strategist or practitioner to help guide their way from pre-launch (only 64% plan to staff theirs in-house after launch), we discovered that 9 in 10 branded communities have a dedicated community professional behind them. Of those, half of the communities who have a community have more than one.

Number of Community ManagersFurthermore, a lack of internal resources and support is a reason for community strategy failure in 31% of organizations, the data indicates. Companies should be weary of meeting a similar community demise, and it’s clear that brands around the world are opening their eyes to their need to hire experienced community practitioners and strategists.

These companies are ready to invest in their community’s success by hiring someone like you. And we’ve got the astounding job opportunities from Facebook, Slack, Fitbit, and more to prove it… 

Developer Relations Community ManagerDeveloper Relations Community Manager, Slack

Slack, one of the hottest and fastest-growing companies of the last decade, is ready to take the leap into a full-fledged developer community strategy.

Slack is looking for a Developer Relations Community Manager to support and grow communities passionate about Bots, conversational interfaces, and the Slack Platform. You will source, drive, and build relationships with communities around the world. You will support online and offline communities, open source groups, and developer groups, to create apps on Slack that make user working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. You’re pleasant, love running communities, speaking at events, writing open source, and find delight in building successful apps.

Apply here

Global Head of Community

Global Head of Community, Fiverr

Fiverr is the most transacted marketplace for digital, creative and professional services, and they see their community as an arm of their marketing team: they know that customer advocacy and engagement with one another will be a key to success.

Every day, Fiverr connects millions of talent sellers and buyers from around the world, leading to millions of transactions. From graphic design to voice over, creative writing to translation, market research to career advice, the Fiverr community is fueled by passionate and talented people who love what they do. They’re looking for someone ready to become an essential member of our Marketing team, to collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders, and to lead community engagement and drive advocacy. They need a creative and highly experienced self-starter to build upon this culture we’ve created and transform Fiverr into a community-driven superbrand.

Apply Here.

Community Manager (German), Community OperationsCommunity Manager (German), Facebook

Facebook has spent the last few months focusing on growing out their community team thoughtfully, having recently hired a manager to oversee community from their Menlo Park headquarters.

With over a billion people using the service and more than fifty offices around the globe, a career at Facebook offers countless ways to make an impact in a fast growing organization. They are now seeking a community-building expert to join their growing Community team. This person should be passionate about supporting and engaging with the Facebook community, enjoy acting as the face and voice of their community, and have experience tackling tough problems at scale.

Apply Here.

Teammate, CommunityCommunity Lead, Progressly

Progressly’s mission is to empower humankind to innovate faster, perform better, and solve bigger problems than ever before. Progressly’s first community hire will be responsible for building collaborative communities in each of our categories. This ecosystem will be crucial to Progressly’s long-term success. A successful hire in this position will be able to easily connect with potential community members, build rapport, convert interest into action, and drive ongoing engagement and user-generated content (UGC). 2+ years experience required, preferably working on a collaborative community.

Apply Here.

Community SpecialistCommunity Specialist, Fitbit

The Fitbit Community Team serves millions of customers every month on its global Community Forums and across an ever-increasing variety of social media and consumer review platforms. Your work would include customer and fan engagement, developing external communications, monitoring trends and user feedback, acting as first-responders to unforeseen issues and crises, and delivering insights to partner teams across the company.

Apply here

images (2)Developer Community Builder, Leap Motion

Leap Motion believes that “natural input is key to unlocking the immense power of technology. With Leap Motion, you can interact with digital content in virtual and augmented reality, Mac and PC, using your hands just as you would in the real world.” As a builder on the Leap Motion team, you’ll be a part of the larger Community team. You will act as the voice of Leap Motion in social channels, forums, and at industry events. You will also help shape our editorial content and engagement strategies alongside our head writer.

Apply here

images (6)Community Operations Support, Directly

Directly makes on-demand business apps. Fast-growing companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, and Republic Wireless use their customer service apps to scale support and improve customer experience. This is an incredible community opportunity for someone with strong communication and analytical skills who is fun, collaborative, with strong interest and ability to provide excellent care and support to a community of expert users and internal team.

Apply Here

Community BuilderCommunity Builder, MasterClass

MasterClass launched in 2015 and is transforming online education by enabling anyone in the world to learn from the very best. They have hosted classes by masters such as Serena Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, James Patterson, Annie Leibovitz, Usher, Christina Aguilera and many more to come.

They’re ready to invest in growing their student community, and they’re looking for an exceptional community builder to engage with their existing students and to work on exciting projects behind-the-scenes.

Apply Here

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