Your Complete Guide to Every Major Community Platform

Are you looking for an online home for your community? Don't know where to begin your community platform research? This e-book will show you the way. 

CMX Community Management and Training Services

1 in 10 organizations say that picking the wrong platform caused their community to fail. 

Don't let this happen to you.

Statistic Reference: "Keys to Community Readiness and Growth" by CMX and Leader Networks, 2016

This e-book is a PDF file that is optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing. 

  • The key questions you should ask before picking a platform
  • A well-defined and tested process for choosing your community platform
  • Expert testimonials
  • A template review spreadsheet for tracking platform requirements and priorities
  • Many types of platforms reviewed, covering internal as well as customer-facing communities
  • Over 50 platforms reviewed and summarized in one organized place

Read it right on your tablet or phone.

What Is Included in the Free Download? 

An entire toolkit of resources to help you pick the right community platform.

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