Stop and ask yourself why you’re building a community in the first place. Because everyone else is doing it? Well, you shouldn’t create a community just for the sake of it simply to keep pace with your competition.

Community-building should ultimately serve a business goal and impact your bottom line. One of the best ways to leverage community is to drive revenue through customer retention.

Start by figuring out where community lives in your business and measuring its value. How do you measure ROI? That’s a question we hear every day, and we point to the SPACE Model to help you start measuring community success.

We know it can feel daunting to drive customer retention with community, but it can and has been done by business greats like Zynga and eBay. Smaller businesses have also tapped into community growth – and as a result, tapped into unbelievably high member retention and engagement.

Want to know how they did it? Follow along and get inspired with these case studies.

Case Studies

CMXhub - Customer Retention Through Community-Building1How to Drive Customer Retention Using Community with Lessons from Zynga and eBay

In order for communities to help retention, your organization needs to accept that community helps drive business. Make community front and center by really listening and connecting community with your production.

CMXhub - Customer Retention Through Community-Building2How GrowthHackers(.com) Uses “The Hook Model” to Foster Incredibly High Member Retention

To get customers in the habit of returning and contributing, use the Hook model to move your product’s users through a continuous loop.

CMXhub - Customer Retention Through Community-Building3An Inside Look at Foursquare’s Strategy for Building a 40,000-Member Superuser Community

Foursquare uses a super-user community primarily to meet support goals. The big takeaway here: pick one business case for your community, and start there.

CMXhub - Customer Retention Through Community-Building4Lessons in Building Movements Through Community Action from Douglas Atkin, Global Director of Community at Airbnb

Every community needs a strong mission statement which unites members and represents what they stand for.

From the Blog

5 Steps to Organizing a User Group Program That Will Increase Retention 15%+

Organizing a user group program can help connect customers who want to meet each other and use your products, but they aren’t for lead generation. Instead, user groups are useful for engagement and building stronger communities.

From the 2016 Summit

Michelle Leblanc: Increasing Retention and Referrals Through Community

Tapping your own employee community can help drive referrals and recruitment in a crowded marketplace.

Claire Arthurs: Driving Retention and Referrals Through In-Person Events

Rely on community to help you disrupt your industry, rebuild trust and develop relationships.

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