Empowering Community Engagement: Examples From Twitch, Udemy, and Airbnb

Building a community around an enthusiastic audience can build expectations in your business. Maybe you’re convinced they’ll convert into a highly engaged community that scales rapidly. But that’s not always the case.

It’s easy to think you’ll figure out how to get those first members and build your community when you get there. But by the time you’re ready to open the doors, you realize you’re stuck. We talked about that chicken-and-egg problem before: Nobody wants to join a community without engagement, but you can’t have any engagement without active community members.

So now what?

We’ve seen that the path to creating engagement in your community grows from collaboration and empowerment. But that’s not just our opinion. Some of the best community leaders and architects around grew cooperative communities through key strategies. Read on for the best examples of community engagement — and more importantly, how they kept it that way.

Case studies

How to Create Cooperative Communities: Lessons Learned from Community Architect Amy Jo Kim

Build your community around a co-op model to bring people together around shared goals.

CMXhub - Empowering User Engagement1Beyond Guidelines: Setting the Stage for Good Behavior in Your Community

In order to nip bad community behavior in the bud, you need a proactive, transparent approach where prevention is the best medicine. Set expectations from the get-go and course-correct as needed.

How to Build and Engage Developer Communities: Advice from Pros at Keen.io, Mashery, SmartThingsCMXhub - Empowering User Engagement2

In order to grow participation, you need to understand how members of your community think about their work and build a strategy.

Product and Community: A Match 3D-Printed in HeavenCMXhub - Empowering User Engagement3

If your community is meant to shape the direction of your product, you need a consistent way of sharing information and meeting on a regular basis to fuel your goals.

How Udemy Increased Their Instructor Engagement Rates by 4X Using Facebook GroupsCMXhub - Empowering User Engagement4

Picking a platform for your community is never easy, and Facebook groups are no exception. Learn why Udemy uses this platform, and how instructor engagement has exploded because of it.

How to Use Gamification to Fuel Community Engagement: An AMA with Niki Vecsei

A successful gamification program requires giving your rewards system some real weight, including how to identify extrinsic and intrinsic rewards.

How Anonymity and Charging Members Helped DietBetter Achieve an 80% Engagement Rate

If you’re building community around a sensitive topic, anonymity makes sense.

From the Blog

21 Quick Tips for Fueling Engagement in Your Community

Fueling engagement is a long-term game where persistence and constant experimentation are key.

How to Increase Community Engagement: 9 Tips That Actually Work

Getting people to show up is one thing. Getting them to show off—or even just to show and tell—is a horse of a different color

The Secret to Community Engagement

The secret to community engagement is all in the ask—and how you execute it.

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