We’re happy to share with you a special e-book that will give you full access to all the videos and slides from CMX Summit East 2016.


Featuring experts such as:

  • Bijan Sabet, Founder and General Partner at Spark Capital
  • Liz Milch, Deputy Director of Content at Genius
  • Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Reddit
  • Ashley Gallman Williams, US Head of Community at
  • and a dozen more experts.

In the e-book, you’ll get full access to talks on topics such as:

  • Why comments are not dead and how The New York Times is turning a profit on them
  • How Etsy gets creative with both offline and online community programming (ideas galore!)
  • What two conditions you need to create in your community in order to make it more valuable
  • The future of the entire community industry, backed by research in the field

If you missed out on CMX Summit or want to share your learnings with your team, this is your one-stop resource.

Download the CMX Summit East 2016 E-Book!

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