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We are hiring our first community manager to lead initiatives to engage our community of current and future clients. Our current client list includes 120 startup companies in the Bay Area and elsewhere, and we have a larger community of 1k – 2k prospective clients who have engaged with us in the past. The community manager must be an analytical and thoughtful leader with high emotional intelligence (EQ) who can work independently and will report directly to the CEO. For the last year, our law firm has been growing rapidly through inbound referrals, and this community manager role is critical to helping us cultivate the community to boost our growth efforts.

The primary responsibility of the community manager is to foster human-to-human connection between our firm and our clients and future clients. We don’t believe in hard sales. Rather we want to stay organically engaged with our clients and future clients and be available for them when they need us. Your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Organizing events for our community on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Producing our weekly email newsletter.
  • Working with our web team to develop engaging content for our website and social media accounts.
  • Communicating with channel partners (incubators, VCs, other startups) to coordinate joint community events.

In addition to having high EQ, the community manager must also be analytical and thoughtful to be able to determine the best ways to engage the community using data-driven and rigorous processes. It doesn’t matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, so long as you have the skills to build human-to-human relationships through events and content.

Key Result Areas:

  1. Organizes events that facilitate a human-to-human connection with clients and potential clients.
  2. Grows our list of clients and potential clients.
  3. Produces an engaging weekly email newsletter and other web content (in coordination with our web team for design, content, and programming).
  4. Coordinates with channel partners on joint events.

Reporting to: CEO, Managing Partner


  • High EQ
  • Ability to analyze results in a data-driven, rigorous way
  • Required Experience: Relevant past experience, such as community management, marketing, event planning
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

About Cognition IP:

We are a rapidly expanding tech-enabled patent law firm for startups. We are looking for adventure seekers who share our vision of using technology to make the practice of law more efficient and of higher quality. Our mission is to revolutionize the delivery of legal services and modernize this industry that has not changed in hundreds of years. Our venture-backed company includes two components, a law firm and an affiliated technology company. The law firm provides patent legal services to startup companies at fixed-fee rates. The technology company focuses on developing and implementing software and artificial intelligence tools to increase the efficiency of our attorneys and agents, letting them concentrate on the important and skilled parts of IP work.

As a startup, we are fundamentally different than the average law firm, and don’t have a traditional hierarchical partnership structure. Every one of our employees is valued for the work that they do. All of our agents and attorneys have the opportunity to work closely with our developers to create tools that will help them in their everyday tasks.

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