Developer Relations Engineer is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications.
Remote-USA, Remote-Latin America, Remote-Europe
  • Full Time

Position Summary

This posting is for two open DevRel Engineer positions, each with a specific programming language and framework focus area:

  • DevRel Engineer (Python)
  • DevRel Engineer (PHP)

As a member of the Developer Relations team, you will play a key role in better understanding how our developers use the product - from onboarding and first explorations, to advanced Enterprise applications - and using what you’ve learned to enable the community and to champion feature requests and improvements on their behalf.

You’ll work directly with Documentation writers, Product Managers, and Engineering to use what you’ve found to improve the developer experience for every user by producing technical articles, documentation, example code, and training resources, and to advocate for that experience in event talks and public demos.

Your goal will be to cultivate relationships within developer communities, all for the purpose of providing the resources and context needed to enable developers to make cool things that solve real problems with It’s from those relationships that you will be best able to create resources well aware of best practices in those communities, and how best to support integrations between popular tools and

The Product organization is distributed across the Americas and Europe. This position can be done from anywhere in time zones ranging from UTC-8 to UTC+2, but a candidate in the Western Hemisphere is ideal for the purpose of North American event attendance.


What you can expect to do on a daily basis

  • Write, update, and maintain documentation around best practices working with our product using a variety of frameworks and programming languages
  • Research best practices within developer communities in order to produce and maintain example codebases meant to be deployed by our users
  • Transform research into interesting blog posts
  • Leverage research into content for conference and meetups talks, that can be given at both online and in-person events
  • Assist internal teams as a technical resource for improving developer experience generally, as well as around the specifics of a given framework and runtime
  • Collaborate with all teams throughout Developer Experience to produce documentation, onboarding materials and training paths
  • Plan and participate in team webinars, live streams, and workshops
  • Cultivate collaborative relationships with our users as well as external developer communities

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