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We’re on a mission to free minds and bank accounts. We’ve grown to a small team with 2+ million followers in less than 2 years and we’re just getting started. Our flagship communities, Cashflow and Unconventional Acquisitions by Contrarian Thinking, needs someone to take them to the next level, really WOW our contrarians, and be OBSESSED with serving them.
As our Head of Community, you'll get to know over 2,000 members. You’ll be responsible for cultivating with the communities as well as being so involved that you can suggest continuous product improvements and optimizations, and spend part of your time working with the Head of Product on these improvements. Your big goal is to wow our customers, give them the best experience possible so they talk about us to their friends, and reduce churn % of members. Community at Contrarian Thinking Our community connects business owners, investors, c-suite executives, high level tech experts and engineers, industry experts, and more in the acquisition entrepreneurship ecosystem to facilitate financial freedom through acquisitions and
foster a community of UHNW individuals. We build together, discuss our deals, share knowledge and insights, and help one another connect to each other, and to a network of professionals, for guidance to help them at every step of their journey.

■ Managing the exclusive community in Facebook/Circle which includes: posting, commenting and engaging on posts, scheduling and managing the weekly calls, finding experts from within and without the community to be guests.
■ Create a catalog system for our members to track deals and progress and celebrate those wins in the community, along with a follow up mechanism to track everyone’s progress.
■ Know how to connect members with each other by knowing the community so well you can tag them in on the questions.
■ Defining and enforcing clear community guidelines.
■ Appointing and training group moderators, ambassadors, or subject matter experts.
■ Surveying and interviewing members of the community for feedback, struggles, and wins.
■ Surfacing community stories, wins, and deals done and tracking them in a data driven, concise way.
■ Thinking critically about improving our continuously scaling community including engagement and onboarding strategies.
■ Developing key quarterly community KPIs that are measurable and keeping a scorecard of them.
■ Establishing a strong presence in the community by engaging daily, including moderating low-quality or spammy posts, surfacing the best stories, connecting members that can benefit from one another, introducing new members, and launching new industry subgroups.
■ Utilizing our onboarding data, covering subscriber industry, company size, interests, etc to identify new
opportunities as well as topics/experts we should cover in calls.
■ Helping head of product to create a short and long-term roadmap of features for the community.
■ Integrating community with other key business units like marketing.
■ Be involved in the off-community product experience including managing member accounts and providing top of the line assistance to members with issues or concerns.
■ Seldomly making content upgrades, updates, or changes inside the product stack platforms.

To apply for this job please visit contrarianthink.com.

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