Head of Developer Relations

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Build applications that track the movement of your business

About HyperTrack
The mission of HyperTrack is to help developers build applications that track the movement of their business. Developers count on HyperTrack to build and operate location tracking infrastructure freeing up their time to build applications that are core to their business. Product builders find us through content, onboard through a self-serve product and then build production-ready features with assistance from our team of developers. As usage grows, we help these product builders influence business decision makers to continue growing with HyperTrack.

About the Role
This leadership role incorporates the mission of HyperTrack in a unique way. We at HyperTrack understand that in order to provide value for the developer community, we need to be involved in that community. This role takes a developer-first approach to Marketing and Sales, understanding that brand awareness comes as a direct result of building relationships with the developer community. We also understand that being a part of the community includes gathering customer feedback that contributes to Product roadmaps and feature development. The Head of Developer Relations will be responsible to build up processes around these initiatives and work closely with other leaders at HyperTrack to fulfill the company mission.

This role serves three major goals:

– Consistently providing value to developers and win the trust of business decision makers as a result.

– Position HyperTrack as a thought leader in a fast-evolving location and maps market, building brand recognition with both developers and business decision-makers.

– Create and foster a group of top community members who can engage with the broader API and app developer community.

In order to accomplish these goals, you’ll be expected to:

– Engage with existing HyperTrack customers in order to encourage and amplify their voice externally. Learn what motivates them and use that information to grow the HyperTrack community base.

– Advocate internally for developer and customer needs. Help spread the word about their successes as well as their pain points.

– Increase general awareness of HyperTrack and the value that it provides to the API and app developer community.

– Use analytics to measure increased views, engagement, and overall health of the community.

About You
We’re looking for an individual who is passionate about engaging with the API & app developer communities. You’ll be working closely with our small group of talented and dedicated HyperTrack employees who aim to serve these communities through content, conferences, online and in-person networking, and more. Our efforts are currently focused around developers in the San Francisco Bay Area and this role will be based out of our San Francisco office.

Our ideal candidate for this position will meet most of the following qualifications:

– Self-motivated. You’re a team player but can set your own goals and see your projects through to completion without assistance or coaching.

– Excited to think big while executing at the ground level. You can see the forest but aren’t afraid to get into the weeds to make a particular initiative successful.

– Strong technical communication and writing skills. You have experience communicating to and engaging with technical audiences; bonus if you have experience with the API and app development communities specifically.

– Clear and engaging communicator. You know how to break down technical components in a way that people understand and are comfortable with public speaking at meetups and events.

– Experience building and leading technical communities. You know how to gain the trust of technical professionals and can also prove the business value of these relationships via appropriate metrics to the company and the board; bonus if you have an engineering background.

– Committed to a developer-first approach to marketing. You understand that while marketing contributes to the Sales pipeline, as a company that caters to a technical audience, you also need to provide valuable content and build relationships with the developer audience–both your customers as well as individuals who might be your customers in the future.

To apply for this job email your details to mary@persea-consulting.com