We’ve been busy over here at CMX. Last week, we launched our very first ebook in collaboration with Lauren Perkins, and this week, we’re bringing you a totally fresh, revamped home for the CMX platform. Welcome to the new CMXHub.com.

Our mission is to support and empower the world’s community builders. Since launching CMX, we’ve worked every day to curate and create the best possible case-studies, articles and videos around. Our goal is to greatly expand the amount of information that’s available to the public around how to build healthy, thriving communities.

On top of all of the content we’re creating, we also provide conferences, training programs, workshops, a job board, services and soon products. That’s a lot of different information to squeeze into one site.

So to build this new site, we’ve torn the whole thing down and re-built it in order to help you get to the information you really want as quickly as possible and get back to building amazing communities.

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Here’s What Has Changed

On the top right-hand header of every page on the site:

  • Get access quickly to videos from CMX Summit and CMX Series
  • Browse by article topics around your specific needs
  • Find and post community jobs with a few clicks

On the top left-hand header of every page on the site:

  • Get CMX event info (summit, series, workshops, training) seamlessly
  • Events will be updated regularly so you always know what’s coming up in your city

On the sidebar of every page and within articles:

  • Search topics (this is brand new!)
  • Easily recommend articles to friends and colleagues with social sharing buttons more prominently placed
  • See quickly who wrote what article and learn about them as a contributor
  • Subscribe and become a CMX Insider to join our community, get first access to content and discounts for events and products

Why Did We Make These Changes?

We’ve built the site with all of your questions and feedback in mind. Many of you have been giving us feedback on the designs since we first started building it so thank you.

The community asked for things like search functionality to find old articles, the ability to more easily sign up for news about upcoming events, and access to videos from CMX events.

Our goal was to bring all of the CMX sites under one main site (cmxsummit.com now redirects to cmxhub.com/summit). It’s also important to us that you can browse and search through all of our past content that’s relevant to you, so we’ve made that super simple by adding categories to our posts that allow you to browse the archives of our main topics. That will get better and better over time as we roll out category browsing and share even more content in each category (if you’d like to contribute to any of this content, we’d love to help you publish. Just email Carrie).

In the coming weeks, we’ll announce early bird tickets to the next CMX conference (CMX East in NYC) and future workshops and series events, which you won’t want to miss. So make sure you head over to the right sidebar and subscribe to stay in the loop.

What Can You Do to Make CMX Hub Even Better?

We could not have made these changes without your feedback. We rolled out the site quietly last week, and many of you have helped us identify bugs and other glitches and error pages. That’s endemic in any sweeping roll-out, and we need your help identifying when there are errors. Just send us a quick note if you notice something weird, notice a bug, or want to request any features and updates. We can’t wait to hear from you.

We’re thrilled to launch this new site and take another huge step in our mission to push the community industry forward. We hope you’ll see this site as your family, your home-base and the community that has your back.


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