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What is CMX Pro?

"Community building is an art that few people fully understand yet is a huge competitive advantage. CMX is THE place to learn how to do it right."

Ryan Hoover,

Founder of Product Hunt


Get 24/7 access to the tools and trainings that will help you get better results from your community strategy.

Access to Proprietary Models and Frameworks

With CMX Pro, you'll have access to vetted community professionals in your industry. Next time you have a community-building challenge, just log in and ask. 

No More Going Solo!

About CMX

Our mission at CMX is to help community professionals thrive.

Every member of our team has been in your shoes. We’ve built community at companies like Moz, LeWeb, Zaarly and Noonday. We understand the struggle of the community professional, and we're hustling every day to make this industry better for you.

Today, the CMX team has had the opportunity to train hundreds of teams in community strategy at companies like Google, Facebook and Salesforce. 

Through our content and community, we've connected over 20,000 community builders from Paris to Berlin to San Francisco to Hong Kong.

When you join CMX Pro, your career becomes our responsibility, and we can't wait to see you thrive.

Exclusive Expert Calls

24/7 Community Access

We are highly curating this community so you are surrounded by builders who are like you - smart, passionate, successful and driven.

Structured Learning

Twice each month, we bring in an expert to dive into advanced topics in community building that you cannot find anywhere else.

You'll get access to CMX's growing library of frameworks and training for community builders, updated monthly.

What You'll Get with 

Pro Membership

24/7 community access on web and mobile to a curated network of professional community builders to support you in your work

Access to a resource hub filled with frameworks, models and training developed by the CMX team to help you grow, engage and measure your community

Bi-weekly exclusive expert calls and access to recordings of all past expert calls

13 hours of video including insights, tactics, and inspiration from 33 industry experts at CMX Summit 2017 ($99 value)

Support and accountability with achieving your community goals

Invites to members-only events and discounts to CMX Summit

...more to come

Full List of Benefits

CMX Pro Members Represent World-Class Organizations

Adrian Speyer

Stan B. Leen


Community Manager


What Members are Saying

"Through the CMX community, I have been able to make life-long connections which have helped me advance my career and made me a better community manager. I have seen substantial growth and engagement in the communities I manage."

Suzi Nelson

Marketing Manager

Vanilla Forums

"CMX has been the absolute best resource to connect with and learn from other community professionals. I've been able to meet my peers - digitally and in real life - that I never would have known without CMX's commitment to helping professionals in this industry."

"CMX made it possible for our team to establish a vision for our community. Without CMX, we couldn't have gotten to the place we are today. The CMX course essentially showed us that community was our product, and it gave us the vocabulary to develop a flexible and sustainable strategy. Within one year of taking the CMX course, we have been able to grow and monetize our community beyond our wildest dreams."

Our Guarantee

Our top priority is helping you succeed in your work building communities.

For some of you that means gettings a raise, a promotion or more budget. For others it means launching a successful community, migrating your platform, or growing your team. Whatever your goal, we want to help you reach it. 

We know it's not easy. A lot of community professionals are solo in their companies, and it can be a thankless job. But here, we appreciate you, and we have your back. 

This isn't an empty promise. Our team is committed, and we're fully confident in the value of CMX Pro. We know it will help you in your career, because we see it with our members every day. If you don't get 10x the value of your initial investment, then we're not doing our job.

That's why we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Give CMX Pro a spin and if after 30 days you feel that it's just not the right fit, just get in touch with us and we will give you your money back. Simple as that.

Annual Membership:


  • Regular Expert Calls
  • Accountability and Goal-Setting
  • 24/7 Access to Curated Community
  • Library of CMX Videos, Training and Frameworks

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CMX Has Been Featured In... 

Joel Connolly

"I met the best hire of my life at CMX Summit's live workshopping and social events. I couldn't be happier with the experience."

Director of Communities Strategy


"CMX gave me the framework to develop my community strategy. Their Course and Summit were among the most impactful things I have done in my role. My colleagues look to me as an expert in the field and I've got CMX to thank for that."

Bliss Hanlin

More Perspectives From 

CMX Pro Members...

Director of Community at Customer Experience

The Honest Company

Niki Vescei

"CMX provides an abundance of helpful content and materials in varying forms, webinars, conversation, blogs and conferences. I've met friends, colleagues, and mentors within this space and connected with consultancy companies and community vendors alike in a relaxed and no-stress environment that I have never before found in any other digital marketing segment or job. CMX is a filter for our industry, and if you can’t align with the CMX values, you won’t succeed in the business."

Head of Community

Blackbird VC


I do not currently build community, but I want to. Will this membership be right for me?

You'll be best served by joining with the intention to build at least one particular community. It's vital that our members see results, and that requires that you are actively engaged in the doing and not just the thinking. If you are a completely new community builder with no community to manage, we recommend you join our free community on Facebook Groups first and listen intently until you're ready to dive in and see results.

I already have a community that's doing well, what can CMX Pro do for me?

There is always room for more growth, more valuable engagement, or more thinking about the next step in your career. If you are motivated to learn, you will learn worlds from our membership. This is for people who want to take an active role in improving their communities and careers. If that's not you, that's okay. We just recommend you don't invest at this time.

Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

We will always be improving this Pro Membership. Our business model is shifting to be about you and your needs and that means that if we see you need something, we will do our best to build it. To start, part of our programming is regular calls with experts and our ever-growing models library, which will be catalogued and added to consistently. Our community is active and the library of content grows each day.

I'm not a community builder by job title, but I look through the lens of community for my work. Should I join CMX Pro?  

This community is for practitioners, but if you are invested in the work of building communities under another job title, go ahead and apply and we will see if it's a match. It's possible you're an expert in your own niche and you have a lot to teach us. If so, we may also want to feature you in our expert chats.

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

The community is what you make of it. If you meet another professional who you want to chat one-on-one with, we invite you to ask them to team up. You will not be able to get one-on-one help with the CMX Team individually as part of this offering at this time. 

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

It's simple: you have no time to lose. Think of the opportunity cost of continuing to operate without experts by your side. You'll spend less time guessing and more time showing results that wow your team and community. In addition, pricing will increase in the future. This first cohort will be the most affordable we'll offer. 

What if I don't enjoy the CMX Pro Membership?

You're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to join and kick the tires and see if the membership is right for you. We'll make cancellation a snap if it isn't because we want what's best for you and the rest of our members. We may ask you why you're leaving, but we will never try to guilt you into staying. That's not how any good relationship works. ;-) 

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