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As the community industry develops, we encounter more and more questions about how to prove our value to executives, teams, and entire organizations. But, for years, people have argued that “community’s impact cannot be measured.”

We staunchly disagree.

This year, we’re setting out to discover how to approach the challenge of community measurement once and for all.

As an industry, we’re about to take community to the next level. We need your insight to get there and we want you to come along for the ride.

Sounds exciting, right? Ohhh, it is.

There is immense power in understanding the vital role your community plays in your organization, what business value that role provides, and how to measure your success in driving that value. There is even greater power in having an industry-wide tool that anyone can plug in to get there.

To help us define how all of that is done, we are about to launch our second research study on how communities drive real business value. The report will help us learn more about, and share directly with you, the following:

  • How organizations currently define or plan to define their community’s business value
  • Whether they have a model for mapping that value back to their work
  • What metrics they measure or plan to measure to tie their work to that value
  • How they developed their model for community measurement
  • The effect of defining this value on their organization and team post-launch

Here’s What’s In It for You

The results from this study will provide you, as a community professional, with a report that shows how well the industry is defining value today, a roadmap for defining business value and metrics, and the most common metrics needed to show your value. You’ll get a full view of how the most successful professionals measure their work, so you can follow in their footsteps, grow your team, and grow your impact.

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Thank you for helping us move this industry forward, and for being part of making all of us more successful in our roles.

Thank you to our sponsors on this project, Salesforce and Influitive, two companies who believe as we do that community has real, measurable business value, and who want to help you define the value of your work. This project would not be possible without their support.

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Alli Moses

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