Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup, at CMX Summit
Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup, at CMX Summit

“What is the best thing in the world?” Scott Heiferman asked us as he closed out the evening. “Connecting human beings,” he concluded.

Scott then went on to deliver a quotation-packed talk about the power of communicating to human beings. But, beyond that, he stopped talking and asked us all to talk to one another, driving home the point that community is really about talking to one another and the connections and actions that take place as a result of our conversations.

As evidence of all the connection he has catalyzed, he showed us a live feed of people RSVPing for Meetups at a rate of over 100 RSVPs/minute.

Some notable quotations from this community leader:
“Leave a residue of relationships everywhere you go.”

“Always ask yourself: how in your work can you get people talking?”

“Community is one of the most over-used, undefined, mis-used words. Even if something feels like community, it’s not truly community unless people are talking.”

He ended with a challenge: if you’re building a community for a brand that does not really need a community around it, quit your job. There is plenty more meaningful community to be built.

You can now watch the entire talk from CMX Summit:

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