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Another exciting addition to the CMX Summit 2019 stage in September is Laura Nestler, Head of Community at Duolingo. More than 300 million people all over the world have used Duolingo. The community has been the secret sauce for much of Duolingo’s growth. While many might view “community” as merely a fuzzy buzzword, at CMX Summit, Laura Nestler will demystify that misperception. She will show how community-driven strategies like language course creation and global in-person events have fueled Duolingo’s growth.

Duolingo’s Community

In 2017, Duolingo began experimenting with different programs that would engage a user once they finished a course. They wondered if there was a way to encourage users to meet in person to practice together. Duolingo’s in-person events community was born. Duolingo knew their users wanted to meet in person but running hundreds of events at scale? They weren’t sure. They started with forty test events and proved the concept. Now, not quite two years later, Duolingo hosts over 500 events a week.

By making language learning available to all, Duolingo is connecting people all over the world who have a shared interest – learning the same language. Their events community is run by a small team of Duolingo employees and a massive number of local volunteers. Cities like Los Angeles see dozens of events each month in languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. With over 2000 groups across the world, and 500 events per week, Duolingo doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Who is Laura Nestler?

A flag-flying industry OG (raise your hand if you built communities pre-smartphones and social media), Laura Nestler helped craft Yelp’s community playbook in 2007 before moving abroad to launch Yelp globally. Joining Duolingo in 2016, Laura leads the team that connects 300 million learners and empowers ambassadors.

The community industry has grown. The customer to customer category is making waves in business. With more companies recognizing the importance of these people-first strategies, the waves will only grow bigger! With over 60 speakers, and an estimated 1000+ attendees, CMX Summit 2019 will be the biggest community conference ever. Laura Nestler is one of many incredible minds that will take the Summit stage this September.

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