On May 19th, hundreds of the world’s leading community experts, professionals, and organizations will gather in New York for the fourth ever CMX Summit. There are already people coming in from all over the world including India, Norway and Australia.

Today, we’re sharing three exciting speaker announcements as well as a new tradition that we’re starting, focused around giving back to the host city’s local community at each summit.

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Let’s meet our new speakers!

David Marquet, former US Nuclear Submarine Captain and Bestselling Author of Turn The Ship Around!

David_Marquet_Jul2014-1-760x427Captain David Marquet will bring a fascinating community-building-in-action story to the stage. He was the captain of the USS Santa Fe for over 25 years, where he took the lowest-ranking submarine all the way to the top and inspired 10 of his officers to go on to become submarine captains as well, a staggering anomaly.

Today, Captain Marquet shares his story to inspire leaders and drive business success. His thesis for leadership is that great leaders transfer their greatness to their followers. In community-building, this means that community leaders should transfer their passion, drive, and dreams to the members of their communities. David will show us how to do that and give us the basics of intention-based leadership. You will walk away knowing how to be a better leader and a strong nurturer of your communities.

You can read Captain Marquet’s full story in Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders.

Ana Hevesi, Community Manager at Stack Exchange

Ana HevesiYou may have met Ana Hevesi at CMX Summit East last year. She is one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking leaders in the space. She works at Stack Exchange, a network of 130+ Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the preeminent site for programmers to ask about software development. Previously, she headed up efforts for the node.js community at Nodejitsu, and helped makers harness 3D printing as Community Manager at Shapeways.

Ana brings with her a fierce passion for her community-building work and for the future of the community profession. A native New Yorker, Ana was socialized on the Internet and studied web design and development in college before dropping out to pursue a more self-directed path as a programmer. Her new friends in the local tech community threw a wrench in her plans by repeatedly asking for help managing relationships with their customers. She grew to be wildly fascinated with how social norms developed on the web, finding the factors that led people to bond, collaborate, or conflict to be endlessly intriguing. Ana writes about the discipline of community at EnemyGateDown.

Scott Heiferman, CEO and Co-Founder of Meetup

Scott HeifermanWe’re excited to welcome back Scott Heiferman to the CMX Summit stage this year. Last year, he broke down our boundaries and got us all talking to one another, which he believes is the central point of what we all do after all. It’s easy to lose sight of our focus when we’re down in the trenches, staring at our computer screens all day. Some of his words even inspired Carrie to write a post on leaving your job. We can’t wait to hear his insights and to have him get us thinking big-picture again this year.

As the CEO of Meetup, he brings millions of people together on a daily basis. Today, over 20 million people create community as members of local Meetups.  His mission was to build a platform where people could use the internet to get off the internet and get together with like-minded people around the things that matter to them.

Scott started the company in NYC after seeing the importance of local community on 9/11. Scott was the recipient of the National Conference on Citizenship’s Jane Adams Award, and MIT Tech Review’s Innovator of the Year. He graduated from the University of Iowa, and lives in NYC with his wife and two young kids. He’s @heif on social media, and helps organize local parenting, writing, and tech Meetups.

New Tradition: CMX Service Day


We’re adding a little do-goodership to the lineup this year with a community service day on the Sunday or Monday preceding the Summit. We are in the planning phase and need to confirm the number of people interested in order to pick a project. If you’re interested in attending, please go ahead and RSVP. It will obviously be FREE, and it will allow you to get to know other CMX Summit attendees before the big day and give you a chance to give back!

RSVP for the CMX Service Day Here

We can’t wait to see you all.

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