“The community industry has arrived. The world is finally paying attention and our work is becoming critical to every business. Now it’s time to deliver on our promise.”

David Spinks, Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy

Speakers Lineup


Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer at Hubspot

Miki King

Chief Marketing Officer at The Washington Post

Leela Srinivasan

Chief Marketing Officer at SurveyMonkey


Joe Martin

CMO at CloudApp

Amanda Kleha

Chief Customer Officer at Figma

Doug Scott

Chief Marketing Officer at Twitch

Robin Dreeke

Chief Executive Officer at People Formula

Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin

EVP & GM, Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange at Salesforce


Gordon Bellamy

Co Founder at Hangry Studios


Colleen Curtis

 Chief Community Officer at The Mom Project

Amisha Gandhi

VP Influencer Marketing & Communications at SAP Ariba and Fieldglass

Anika Gupta

Author of How to Handle a Crowd


Kobie Fuller

Partner at Upfront Ventures


 Leah McGowen-Hare

VP, Trailblazer Community and Trailhead Evangelism at Salesforce


Derek Andersen

Co Founder/CEO at Bevy

Erica Kuhl

Community Strategist/Consultant at Erica Kuhl Consulting

Richard Millington

Founder at FeverBee

Carlos Figueiredo

Director, Community Trust & Safety at Two Hat

Hugh Forrest

Chief Programming Officer at SXSW

Jessica Langston

Director of the Trailblazer Community at Salesforce

Dan Cote

Chief Marketing Officer at Influitive

Erin Wayne

Director of Community and Creator Marketing at Twitch

Loring Kaveney

President at WorkOutLoud

Adrian Speyer

Head of Community at Vanilla Forums

Tamar Blue

Founder and CEO at MentalHappy

Jono Bacon

Founder at Jono Bacon Consulting

Kat Vellos

Author of We Should Get Together

Mike Silberg


Daniela Restrepo-Ortiz

Senior Community Specialist at OpenIDEO

Travis King

Host at The Community Builder Show

Brigid Colver

Sr. Community Manager at Glint

David Siegel

CEO at Meetup

Reina Pomeroy

Head of Community at Modern Fertility

Jess Zakira Wise

CEO at Mesh Communities

Michael Puhala

VP Solution Strategy at Khoros

Gabriel Pizzolante

Global Community Lead at SaaStock

Sara Wilson

Creator & Host at The Digital Campfire Download

Kebone Moloko

Co Founder/CEO at Queer Women in Business + Allies

Alex Pisani

Senior Community Manager at Salesforce

Vanessa Mason

Research Director at Institute for the Future

Brian Oblinger

Industry Leader

Andrea Middleton

Open Source Community Growth Strategist at Automattic

Vanessa Mason

Research Director at Institute for the Future

Craig Forman

Lead People Scientist / Community Engagement at Culture Amp

Kay Fabella

DEI & Remote Team Specialist at Kay Fabella Consulting

Lauren Hagerty

Director of Marketing and Community at PowerToFly

Ryan Boyd

Head of Developer Relations at Databricks

Tiffany Oda

Senior Programs Manager at Salesforce

Sofia Rodriguez Mata

Senior Community Manager at Salesforce

Shana Sumers

Head of Community at HER App

Nicole Saunders

Manager, Community Engagement at Zendesk

Kelsey Bourque

Customer Marketing Manager at Adobe

Kendall Odom

Program Manager at Salesforce

Phoebe Venkat

Customer Community Strategy at Okta

Osioke Itseuwa

Technical Advocate at Discourse

Angelica Coleman

Senior Community Manager at Snowflake

Juraj Pal

Head of Product at Slido

Jessica Galiana

Marketing Director of Trailblazer Community at Salesforce

Rosemary O’Neill

Chief Marketing Officer at Strata

Felicia Fulks

Faculty Librarian at Xavier University

Mallory Ranahan

Senior Community Manager at Salesforce

Laureline Boin

Global Head of Social & Community Products at Dropbox

Gary Ware

Founder at Breakthrough Party

Jimena Zubiria

VP of People Americas at TheVentureCity

Rachel Keck

Facilitator at Mosaic Collaborative

Hugh Groman

Pasta Making Instructor Extraordinaire

DJ Airsun


Adriana Medico

Mindful Stretching Instructor

Check out our highlights reel from CMX Summit 2019!


The Biggest Gathering of 
Community Professionals

October 5 – 7

CMX Summit is the biggest community conference out there, with more community managers, builders, directors, VPs, and CMOs and CEOs than any other.

Over two days, we virtually welcomed thousands of community professionals to participate in discussions and workshops, learn techniques and tactics, and gain insights from the best in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

What date are the workshops? When is the conference?

The workshops are an optional event that must be purchased with your ticket. They will be held on Monday (October 5). More Information on the workshops will be released shortly. The conference is Tuesday (October 6) and Wednesday (October 7).

What is the cost of CMX Summit?

This year CMX Summit will have two ticket types. GA for the 2-day conference will be free and VIP, which includes an extra day of workshops, will be $99. So, please send invitations out to all who you think will benefit from learning more about community during this time. Let’s grow our industry!

Besides the conference, what does my CMX Summit ticket include?

Your ticket includes not only access to the conference, but post-event edited recordings, networking opportunities, a virtual swag bag and more. You’ll also get access to CMX Summit official virtual parties, and all the fun activities we have planned for the event.

I want to send my entire team. Does CMX do group discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for VIP group tickets purchased for 3 or more attendees. For groups with 3-5 attendees, choose the group option in registration. If you’d like to bring more than 6 people or other combined ticket deals, ( please email us.

Can I just go to the Workshops?

Yes, you can purchase a VIP ticket to access Workshops.

I’m a speaker and would like to pitch to CMX Summit; how can I do this?

Speaker submissions will be open shortly! Subscribe to our weekly educational newsletter to not miss out!

Is CMX Summit accessible?

We are doing everything to make sure that we have an accessible online event. CMX is an inclusive community that values each and every member that joins us. For starters by being fully virtual this year, we have made the 2-Day conference FREE.

Do you provide student or non-profit discounts?

We do provide 20% off full-priced VIP tickets for CMX Summit. For VIP ticket discount, email

Sadly, I can’t make it to CMX Summit. What are my options?

No worries! We are recording the event and will make that available but we do want to encourage attending the virtual event in real-time.  We will be facilitating chat box discussions, Q&A, multiple networking sessions and much more! Please note, that only those with an RSVP will have access to the recordings and VIP ticket holders will have early access to recordings.

I can only attend one day of CMX Summit, do you offer single day tickets?

Sign up for a free ticket and come when you can. We can assure you though that you do not want to miss out this year!

Does CMX Summit have a code of conduct or other policy for attendee behavior?

Yes, we have adopted a code of conduct for further inclusiveness for attending community professionals of all stripes. We expect all attendees, staff, sponsors, and anyone else at CMX Summit to abide by the code of conduct, and will enforce it as needed.

Will CMX Summit be recorded? Can I record something?

Yes, it will be recorded and the videos will be available on a streaming platform for viewing pleasure. Please note, only those with an RSVP will have access to the recordings.

I’m interested in a sponsorship for CMX Summit, how can I do this?

Please fill out this survey or reach out to Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel –

Can I watch any videos from last year?

Yes, you can CMX & Chill with CMX Summit 2019 Videos today!

I’d love to get more information about CMX. How can I do that?

Subscriber to the CMX Weekly newsletter and be the first to know about other events, agendas, and CMX news. 

Join the CMX Connect community and attend in-person and virtual events with your local CMX’ers!

Join us in the CMX Hub Facebook group and the CMX Slack Workspace.

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Are you a startup building a cool tool or platform in the community space? Want to get on stage and pitch to some of the best in the industry?

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Praise for CMX Summit

"I have never had a better time at a conference! So much interaction, everyone wanted to talk - lots of opportunity to cross collaborate and hear inspiring stories. This was my first and I will forever be coming back!"
"Great to meet with and learn from fellow community leaders from around the world."
"CMX Summit gives me the best ideas and inspires me to take my community to the next level. It's wonderful to meet other community pros attending who are in the same stages of work as me. I compared notes with a few others and now we are going to connect again independently moving forward. That's really awesome!"
"Probably the best combination of topics, venues, and attendees of any conference I've attended anywhere. Couldn't believe how kind, talented and helpful everyone was."
"This was a very inspiring event, showing the art of the possible for Community. But also practical, with useful tips to takeaway. Made relevant business contacts and plenty of new friends!"

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