Adam Werbach

President & Co-Founder, Yerdle

Adam Werbach, CEO and founder of Yerdle, took the stage to close out CMX Summit West. He shared his insights from a life spent organizing grassroots movements and gave CMX Summit attendees the tactics and tools they need to make their work go further in the world.

Adam started his talk with three principles of community organization.

First, meet people where they are. Make it convenient for them to help, let them know why they should care. Why should they want to connect with others in your community?

Second, build capability. There’s a relationship between the work your members are doing individually and what they are achieving together. How can you share the lasting impact of their work with them in a way that can be taken away and used elsewhere?

Third, remember that the organization itself is a victory. We seek sub-organizations that we cannot control to take part in. We should be asking: how can we be part of a larger movement?

He then left the audience with three organizing building blocks. You must first share gratitude. Then create a sense of flow, where people can see that they are doing the thing that they were meant to do.

Finally, as a leader, uphold a sense of service to your members. You’re building something much larger than yourself.

Watch Adam’s talk for community-building inspiration, stories, and the tools to make a lasting impact.

Carrie Melissa Jones

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