Alexandra Sofen

Forums Programming Manager, Etsy

The Power Of Meaningful In-Person Community Connections

Whether you’re a new community builder or you’re trying to engage an existing community, it can be tough to make plans to spark engagement. Many times, hearing from other practitioners can spark all kinds of inspiration.

Alexandra Sofen, Forums Programming Manager at Etsy, broke down Etsy’s community programming for the audience. Her goal was to inspire community professionals to think outside the community programming box.

Etsy has existed since 2005 and has had an online forum for just as long. The platform has evolved and grown massively since then(they now engage over 1,600 members every single day there), and it is due not only to Etsy’s business growth but also the Etsy Forums Team’s programming. Alexandra shared program such as Engagement Forum Threads, Weekend Challenges, Admin Q&As,and Fireside Chats, which they extend to their YouTube Channel.

Etsy also has a vibrant offline community,which they foster through a number of eventsincluding Seller Studio Visits, Craft Parties, EtsyCaptains’ Summits, and more.

Want to get inspired to build out your community’s content calendar and event programming? Watch Alexandra Sofen’s talk to start getting creative.


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