[Video] Connecting Our Community and Spreading Visibility: The FTM Traveler with Malcolm Ribot

Have you ever discovered a need for connection in your community? Malcolm Ribot, a transgender man, began traveling around the United States over 2 years ago to meet others like himself. He’s connected with those who’d never met another individual like them and didn’t know there were others nearby. Learn how and why his trip began, and how it grew and evolved into an ongoing initiative to help fellow transgender men find one another in their own cities and towns.

This session is from CMX Summit 2017.

Malcolm Ribot is a transgender man who started traveling over two years ago visiting, connecting, and making visible over 1,000 fellow individuals of trans male experience in 49 of 50 states in the United States thus far. His efforts have been featured in video, radio, and written forms via NBC Out, NPR: Hear & Now, KNKX: Sound Effect, The Rainbow Times, FTM Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Transform Washington.

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