James Surowiecki

Author, The Wisdom of Crowds

The Power of The Collective

James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds and columnist for The New Yorker, explained to us exactly why humans are so much more powerful together than they are alone—and how to harness that power.

James uses the term “Collective Wisdom” to speak about what happens when we collaborate — and the result is far better than work done alone. Together, we can make better decisions, forecast the future, and innovate. That’s the incredible power that community professionals can harness.

The key here is creating an environment where communities can collaborate intelligently. The defining elements for this environment are diversity and a positive space for independent thinking. Diverse groups explore larger “solution spaces,” explains James. Even if members of your group, then, know less, they still add value if what they know is different.

Community leaders of any type should take this advice to heart, inviting new members into their communities, amplifying diverse voices, and ensuring that their members are able to express their opinions and thoughts freely and openly.

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