CMX Summit West 2015 – Workshop 1: Introduction to Community Strategy


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11147852_10100456629173436_678520328255535971_nIn this workshop taught by David Spinks, Founder of CMX, you’ll learn from one of the veterans in the industry and walk away with a clear understanding of what community is, where it fits into your business, how to determine the value of community for your company and a step-by-step guide for launching, scaling and tracking communities.

This 5 hour training program is CMX’s premier training program for community professionals and businesses. It’s been taught around the world in cities like San Francisco, NYC, Tel Aviv and more.

The workshop is broken down into two sections:

1. The business value of community

2. The HOME Model for launching, scaling and tracking communities.

What will you get from this workshop?

– A breakdown of community psychology based on the Sense of Community Theory

– 17 pages of worksheets and handouts (with additional resources online)

– The “Community-Driven Organization Model” for understanding how community functions within an organization

– A breakdown of exactly where community can create value (ROI) for product, marketing and support

– The HOME Model for validating, launching and growing successful communities

– Case studies to guide you, like how Salesforce saw a 2x increase in revenue from their community

– How to measure and report your community progress

– Over 30 specific tactics for inviting, welcoming and engaging members in an online community


download (1)“David Spinks is the top community guy, probably on the planet.”

– Micah Baldwin, Startup Business Development, Amazon


After this workshop…

You’ll walk away with a peer group of others to turn to as you grow your career.

You’ll get one-on-one attention from me as I can help address your specific challenges.

You’ll have worksheets and a dashboard for community health to take back to work with you and share with your team.

You’ll be able to check back in with us on your roadmap at any time in the future (we love following up with students so you won’t be doing this alone!).

You’ll go back to work knowing exactly how to move forward with growing, strengthening, and enriching your organization’s community so it drives real business value.


download“I enjoyed every minute of the CMX Community Strategy Workshop. It helped me identify the most effective areas to focus my team’s strategy as we launched our Accelerator community.”

– Casey Shultz, MBA; Community and Events Manager at Citrix

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