CMX Summit West 2015 – Workshop 3: Community-Driven Marketing Strategy

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In this workshop taught by community veteran Lauren Perkins, author of The Community Manager’s Playbook and CEO of Perks Consulting, you’ll learn how community strategy can have a massive impact on your marketing initiatives and walk away with a specific strategy for making it happen.

Community and marketing often come hand in hand, but how do you efficiently integrate the two? How do you then capture and demonstrate the business value of this community without turning them into your biggest detractors?
Lauren will talk about the role that community can play in your marketing strategy and how to measure and communicate the ROI of your community initiatives.In this interactive workshop designed for community managers currently working to marketing initiatives or departments, you will identify community metrics most relevant to your marketing and business KPIs, develop an action plan to measure and optimize your community initiatives, and create a kickass monthly performance report.

Takeaways you can expect from this workshop:

– Learn how other companies are integrating community and marketing
– Gain a deep understanding of different community marketing tactics
– Learn how to track the effectiveness of your community and determine the ROI of your work
– Put together a monthly performace report to track your work and report on progress

To join this workshop, please go to the CMX Summit site and purchase a workshop or combo ticket and select Workshop 3 in the registration form.

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