CMX Summit 2020

Join over 10,000 community and marketing professionals for virtual learning, workshops and networking. It’s time to take your career to the next level.

Join us on October 6 & 7, 2020.

CMX Includes community professionals from world-class organizations…

Helping Community Professionals Thrive



“Getting into community management I thought I was all alone until I came across CMX.”

Guillaume De Smedt
VP of Community at Startup Grind


“Learning from and sharing with other experts (and newbies!) in the field helps ensure my program is on the right track towards success.”

Joshua Zerkel
Head of Community at Asana


“What I really appreciate about this community is that it’s curated with true community professionals.”

Serena Snoad
Community Manager at Alzheimer’s Society

Empowering Professional Community Builders

October 6 – 7

CMX Summit is the biggest community conference out there, with more Community Managers, Builders, Directors, and VPs, and more CMOs and CEOs than any other.

Over two days, we will virtually welcome thousands of community professionals to participate in discussions and workshops, learn techniques and tactics, and gain insights from the best in the industry.

Community Industry Awards 2020

Meet some of the best Community Industry Professionals in the world

Liz Savage

Education Community

Community Professional of the Year

Vishal Pathik Gupta

Developer Relations

Community Professional of the Year

Andrea Middleton

Open Source Community

Community Professional of the Year

Virtual Communities

Coming to a time zone near you!

The CMX Connect program powers dozens of virtual events and gatherings every month with speakers, roundtables, networking and more! Join us at an event in your time zone join us, or watch a recording! These events are open to everyone around the world.

From the CMX Blog

The 2020 Community Industry Trends Report

This research will help you understand how businesses are investing in community, what they’re measuring, what tools they’re using, and what their top challenges are, so you can plan your 2020 Community Strategy accordingly.

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