The Community Industry Awards celebrate the achievements of the best in the community industry. This program began in 2019, when the CMX team looked back on the year and were in awe of the incredible achievements of the people and organizations in this industry. We knew we needed to celebrate – publicly, and with a big splash! – and so the Community industry Awards were born. This program has grown into an unstoppable celebration, loved by our community and the industry.

And we’re doing it again!

At CMX Summit 2021, we announced that nominations for the 2022 Community Industry Awards season were open! Over five weeks, we had over 400 nominations for inspiring community professionals, and groundbreaking community teams. We are thrilled to announce this year’s nominees.

The Selection Process

Once a nomination is submitted, the nominee was sent an email to accept the nomination. In order for the nomination to be considered for the next round, it must be accepted by the nominee. The CMX team combed through all accepted nominations, and ensured each nomination met the requirements of the category.

All accepted nominations are then put up to a public vote. Which brings us to now!

This year, we have 190 nominees and they are all hoping to get your vote. You can only vote once per category, so make sure you know who you want to support. When you submit your vote, we ask for your email. Your email is only used to help us track votes and will not be use for other purposes (like marketing or promotions).

So, without further ado, drumroll please…


Your 2022 Community Industry Awards Nominees!

(Listed alphabetically by first name)

B2B Community Professional of the Year

Alex Su – Ironclad, Inc.

Alex Pisani – Salesforce

Eddon Fajardo – StoreHub

Erica Moss – Atlassian

Glenn Dobson – LogMeIn

Jeniffer Medeiros – nuvini

Jenny Sowyrda – HubSpot

Jenny Weigle – Jenny.Community, LLC

Joe Huber – Sprout Social

Katie Ray – Sales Hacker

Kelsey Bourque – Adobe/Marketo

Kimberlea Buczeke – Asana

Lauren Krawitz – Qualtrics

Lloyed Lobo – Boast.AI

Lorena Seco – Blue Prism

Maddie Bertschmann- Braze

Mark Obee – ServiceNow

Martin Tatar – Microsoft

Melanie Giuliani – Blue Prism

Melissa Potvin – Qlik

Monique van den – Berg Atlassian

Neha Pujari – Blazeclan Technologies

Nicole Dessain – HR.Hackathon Alliance

Paola Johnson – ThoughtSpot

Rashmi Nagendran – Freshworks

Susmitha Susmitha Akula Vakkalanka – Opsera

Triin Ilves – Klaus

Vibhor Shrivastava – UiPath

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Best New Community

Asana Japan

Black Young Professionals

Black@INBOUND community by HubSpot


Freelance Founders



HubFans by HubSpot

IoT Marketing & Industry Insights Webinars

Ironclad, Inc.


Lenovo Legion – Gaming Community

Like Hearted Leaders







Scaler by InterviewBit

Techsoup Connect Nigeria

Trusted Health

Weavr Cafe

Women in CX

Women of Email


Zwitch Developer Community

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Customer Success Community




Blue Prism

Cornerstone OnDemand

Dell Client Community


Experts Exchange



Ironclad, Inc.

Jump Cloud






Sprout Social: Social Marketers’ Exchange



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Developer Relations Community Professional

Ale Murray – Confluent

Andreea Tomescu – UiPath

Arjun Meda – Automation Anywhere

Blake Ethridge – DZone

Cherish Santoshi – SAWO Labs

Cristina Vidu – UiPath

Erica Hanson – Google

Hans Scharler – The Mathworks Inc

Jana Boruta – HashiCorp

John Coghlan – Gitlab

Karolina Linda – Dynatrace

Kiran Oliver – Camunda, Inc.

Lizzie Siegle – Twilio

Mariana Lemus – MuleSoft

Megan Speir – Twilio

Merve Isler – Google

Sam Hepburn – Snyk

Siddhant Agarwal – Open Financial Technologies

Steph Louis – PegaSystems

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Education Community Professional

Alex Witkowski – Section4

Arsh Goyal – Samsung

Ben Anthonisz – Bizzabo

Cristina Vidu – UiPath

Jeffrey Roe – Brightcove

Jenny Fowler – MIT

Kathleen Lueckeman – Olivet Nazarene University

Linda Porter – Certified Community Manager Study Group

Lisa Koontz – Indiana University Alumni Association

Madeline Ulivieri – Startup Grind

Medina Mckinney – Black Parents Association

Mike Washburn – Paper

Missy Emler – Modern Learners

Saksham Taneja – Scaler

Shadab Ashraf – Udacity

Tiffany Taylor – Handshake

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Executive Leader of a Community Team

Alex Witkowski – Section4

Amrita Bhowmick – Health Union

Anita Vitanova – Inner West Mums

Anna Toane – MMT

Bo de Vries – Guerrilla Games

Chris Aniszczyk – Linux Foundation

Claire Perry-Louise – Like Hearted Leaders

Clare Muscutt – Women in CX

Corina Gheonea – UiPath

Edu Giansante – Wix

Elijah Van Der Giessen – Techsoup

Frederico Figueiredo – Sage

Jayson Gaignard – MMT Community

Jayvee Nava – Peloton Interactive

Jeff Harling – Zoom

Jennifer Sable Lopez – OutSytsems

Jessica Langston – Salesforce

Joshua Zerkel – Asana

Mallory Ranahan – Salesforce

Marius Ciortea – IBM

Nofar Ben Dror Paecht – Elementor

Patrick Woods – Orbit

Rosie Sherry – Orbit

Stephanie Grice – Atlassian

Toni Trevillion – Electric House

Vandana Verma Sehgal – InfosecGirls

Victor Bohnert – Innovatis Group

Willa Tellekson-Flash –

Yhennifer Mendes – Social Zapped

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Gaming Community Professional

Bo de Vries – Guerrilla

Brandii JaVia – Brown Girl Gamer Code

Chris Lindsay – Wizards of the Coast

Corey Andress – Take-Two Interactive

Jesse Anderson – Electronic Arts, Inc.

Mattie Fairchild – Manticore

Robert Lewington – Twitch

Victoria Tran – Innersloth (Among Us Game)

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Growth Marketing Community




Course Hero

Heroik Media


Sales Hacker



VMware User Group (VMUG)

Cast your vote for Growth Marketing Community of the Year!

Nonprofit Community Professional

Ayumi Moore Aoki – Women in Tech

Haneefah Abdurrahman Lekki – Ingressive For Good

Janina Andersson – The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare Southwest Finland region / Turun seudun Mamit

Jasmin Gonzalez – Techqueria

Johan Ingles – Le Nobel Wildlife Gardening Forum

Shanna Cleveland – Innovatis Group

Tim Barley – Prostate Cancer Foundation

Tina Hilck – Finland region / Turun seudun Mamit

Tracy Keogh – Grow Remote

Vanessa Cast Madres – Emprendedoras en Español

Warren Carlyle IV – Octonation – The World’s Largest Octopus Fan Club

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User Group Program




Cisco Systems

Dynamics User Group

Electronic Arts, Inc.


Figma Inc




Mitel User Group






Cast your vote for User Group Program of the Year!

What happens next?

Once the public has had their say, public votes will be tallied and each nomination will be ranked based on the number of votes they received, using a scale where 1 is the least number of public votes.

Next, our judging committee (announced soon!) will score each nomination out of ten, ten being the highest score. The criteria they will use is based on the requirements from the nomination form.

  • Evidence of why the nominee meets the criteria for the specific award category (For example: if you are nominating a community for the Customer Success Community award, talk about how they are helping their users and customers)
  • Clear examples that show measurable growth and success (Some examples: a community grew from 1000-2500 members through 2021, NPS or customer satisfaction score increased by 25% in 2021, the community saw 30% more posts in 2021, individual members posted/commented 18% more in 2021)

To tally the final score, the public vote rank will be added to the average of the judges scores

In the event of a tie in the final score, the nominee with the higher vote from the judges is the winner.

In this example, the nominee received the most public votes (at 103), there were 15 nominees in this category, and the average score from the judges was 9. We add the ranking (15), to the average score from our judges (9), and receive the final score (24). The final score is how we determine the winner:

Please note

  • The number of nominations did not impact whether a nomination moved to the next round.
  • If you submitted a nomination and don’t see the person or company on this list, they most likely did not accept the nomination. If you are confident the nomination was accepted, please send an email to Beth at
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