Our mission at CMX is to help professional community builders thrive.

Despite being more connected than ever, the world seems to becoming an increasingly more lonely place. As a result, people are in need of a real community. A network of individuals that they can connect, share, and grow with. This desire for community is driving how we interact with each other on and offline. It also affects how people interact with businesses and organizations.

Today, people are looking for more than just a product… They’re looking for a sense of shared identity and belonging. They want to contribute to and be a part of something that they care about.

The result? More and more companies are hiring community professionals to grow and engage their communities of customers, employees, and partners. This has led to the growth of what we call the Community Industry: a profession that’s growing quickly, yet is still largely undefined.

Great, so what do we actually do?

To help professional community builders thrive in their work we focus on
providing them with world-class community programs and education.

Your Personal Network of Peers, Mentors, and Experts are waiting!

Our Values

We take our values seriously, and it drives every decision we make. We also believe these are great values for running a community, so feel free to steal them.


Serve the Community

We listen to members, do what’s best for them, and build spaces that are safe, diverse, and inclusive.


Raise the Bar

We push our personal boundaries to do the highest quality work possible.


Defend your Health

We set clear boundaries and standards, and we never sacrifice our personal health.


Practice Radical Candor

We default to transparency and give direct feedback early and often, and trust that we have each others’ best interests in mind.


Empower others

We give others the opportunity to contribute and lead.

Meet The Team

Sam Weber

Head of Marketing

Sam is the Head of Marketing at CMX. He has built Amazon’s automated advertising program on Snapchat and the Moz Academy program at Moz. When he’s not marketing, you can find Sam traveling, cooking, or gardening with Loki the dog.

David Spinks

Founder & CEO

David Spinks is the Founder and CEO of CMX. For over 10 years he has worked to help community professionals thrive, advised the world’s largest organizations on community strategy, and developed frameworks that have been used by thousands of community teams.