CMX Global Connect

On April 28, 8:00am to 2:00pm (PST), we are hosting the first ever CMX Global Connect. CMX Global Connect is a one-day virtual conference that will bring our global community together, online, to learn, grow, and, well… Connect.

CMX Global Connect was born during the COVID-19 crisis that is sweeping the world. The community industry is constantly changing, and in these past months of COVID-19, many community professionals have pivoted their entire programs. This event will educate and connect our community during this time.

We want to give our community the resources and support they need to continue to do good work during this time. We want all community industry professionals to attend because even during this time, we can build, grow and connect with our communities and each other. As such, this is a free event. We don’t want to put up any barriers that might hinder our community from being able to attend. We are also recording every session, so our community members in non-permitting time zones will have access to the content.

This virtual event will include multiple stages, presentations, facilitated discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, real time platform demos, and other awesome virtual activities (like a whole breakout stage of just cute animal videos… I mean, why not, right?). This will be unlike any virtual community conference you’ve ever attended.

Throughout the year, companies and organizations (including us) ask a lot of our communities; Engagement, content, attendance, feedback, the list goes on. Right now, there is no room for asking. Now is the time for giving. That’s what we’re doing.

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Beth McIntyre

Beth is the Head of Community at Bevy and CMX. She oversees the engagement, strategy, and structure of all our CMX Community Programs, as well as the CMX Connect program – an in-person distributed e...

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