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Over 1,000 community professionals gathered in Redwood City at CMX Summit 2019 to learn from the top experts in the industry.

The community industry’s largest conference brought together the best and the brightest to learn how companies are investing in meaningful, scalable community programs. Over 70 speakers took our three stages, giving presentations and dropping knowledge in awesome panel conversations.

We’re excited to share all of these talks with the world, for free, and contribute to the widespread distribution of this knowledge.

We hope this content helps other organizations understand the massive opportunity in front of them to build community, that impacts the lives of their members while driving their business goals. We hope this content helps level up the community industry as a whole.

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Grab yourself some seltzer, a pen, and a notebook, and enjoy over 20 hours of the best content the community industry has to offer.


David Spinks, Founder of CMX

Industry Trends and Insights

The State of the Community Industry | David Spinks

The Secrets of the Most Disruptive Organizations | Charlene Li & Dave Hersh

VC Fireside Chat: Community is Eating the World | Kobie Fuller & Derek Andersen

The Power of Enterprise Community Marketing | Jay Simons & Alex Bard

Communities that Defy Distance | Rachel Franklin


Erica Kuhl, VP of Community, Salesforce

Business Strategy and Metrics

Building Community is Smart Business | Erica Kuhl

Track, Iterate and Grow $10M in ARR from your Community | Mada Seghete

Is Your Community Strategy Working? | Richard Millington

How Top SaaS Communities Drive Business Impact Through Community | Aly Merritt & Kevin Lau

10 Graceful Steps to Building a Rich Developer Community | Grace Francisco

Fueling Business Growth Through Community | Elizabeth Kinsey, Jason Boehmig, & Veronica Juarez

Your Community Value Proposition and When to Pivot? | Drew Frey

Don’t Create, Re-Use! How to Repurpose a Common Business Metric for Your Community Success | Mary Thengvall


Shana Summers, Head of Community, HER App

Community Engagement 

3…2…1…Launch Day: How to Successfully Launch or Relaunch Your Community | Shana Summers

The Science of Successful Communities | Heather McNair

Experiences Are What I Build: Teaching Coding, Framing Expectations, and Creating Community | Perry Eising

Why (And How To) Ask Questions That Don’t Have Answers | Jayati Doshi

How to Reignite a Disengaged Community | Chris Catania

A Brainstorming Kit for Creative Community Professionals | Renata Amaral Morris


Ben Leong, Forum Manager, Envato

Motivation and Gamification

Social Capital for Community Professionals | Ben Leong

Got Churn? Drive Retention & Craft a Compelling Member Journey with Game Thinking | Amy Jo Kim

Switching Consumer Habits Using Community Principles | Polina Ross

Skills That Move Motivation to Action | Kyle Zamcheck

Sense of Community: Find Out What Your Members Won’t Tell You | Fawn Faletogo


Sarah Leary, Co-Founder, Nextdoor

Community Growth

How Nextdoor Launched Communities in 94% of U.S. Neighborhoods | Sarah Leary

The Community Growth Engine: How Duolingo Scaled to 90 Courses and 300M Users | Laura Nestler

How to Turn Your Community into a Movement | Jennifer Dulski

There Is No Magic Growth Equation | Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

3 Million Registered Users. Zero Marketing Dollars | Mike Porath

Scaling with Grace: Developing Hybrid Automation Methods for Growing a Healthy Community | Kat Lo

Feeling Growth and ROI with Strategic Use of Advocates Within your Community | Jessica Mitchell

Ambassadors, Power Users and User-Generated Content

Vera Tiago, Developer Community Advocate, OutSystems

Developer Community: How to Launch and Manage a Successful Champion Program | Vera Tiago

Demystifying Community Content: Strategy, advocacy, and UGC | Bridget Sauer

How to Make the Most of Your User-Generated Content | Nicole Saunders

How to Build a Global Community When You’re all Alone and Have (Almost) No Money | Rachel Eilbott


Elizabeth Kinsey, Developer Marketing Manager, Slack

Community Technology and Design

Unpacking the Community Tech Stack: Picking the Best Tools for Your Program | Elizabeth Kinsey

From CX to UX: Designing a Customer-Centric Community | Laureline Boin

If You Build It, Will They Come? How to Validate a Minimum Viable Community Using Design Thinking | Lindsey Christensen



Culture and Communications

Kim Scott, Co-Founder and Author, Radical Candor LLC

Getting to the Heart of Radical Candor | Kim Scott and Ryan Smith

Business Can Be the Most Personal Thing in the World | Nick Mehta

The Art of Human Connection | Ivan Cash

Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities | Olatunde Sobomehin, Hannah Levy, & Wayne Sutton

Setting up Your Distributed (Global) Community Team for Success! | Jen Sable Lopez

3 Ways Your Company Can Cure Loneliness | Jillian Richardson


Nir Eyal, Author, Indistractable

Personal Growth and Self-Care

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life | Nir Eyal

Exploring Mental Health in Tech | Dr. Jennifer Akullian

How to Master Your Personal Brand and Highlight Your Impact in the Workplace | Terri Lomax

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish: Strategies for Bringing Your Best Self to Your Community | Tiffany Yu



Andrew Losowsky, Head of Coral, Vox Media

Moderation and Management

How to Prepare for the Trolls | Andrew Losowsky

How to Break Up with Community Influencers | Rebecca Braglio

Human after All: How to Prevent a Herd Mentality in Your Community | Grazyna Frackiewicz

From Crisis to Chance | Denise Henkel

How to Honor Death in and of Your Community | Mark Williams


Sarah Shewey, Founder and CEO, Happily

Offline Community and Events

Event ROI: Myth, Magic or Major? | Sarah Shewey

From Comments to Collective Care: IRL Community in the Age of Isolation | Carla Fernandez

Where Is Everybody?! Tips for Hosting a Successful and Engaging Virtual Event | Lauren Hagerty



Innovation Program Participants


Innovation Program: Pitches from Up-and-Coming Community Startups

Community Manager Appreciation Advancement Day Announcement | Jeremiah Owyang


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