The Community Industry Awards celebrate the achievements of the best in the community industry. The 2022 season will be the third annual Community Industry Awards. We began in 2019, when the CMX team looked back on the year and were in awe of the incredible achievements of the people and organizations in this industry. We knew we needed to celebrate, publicly, and with a big splash, the top community managers and communities in this industry, so the Community industry Awards were born. This program has grown into an unstoppable celebration, loved by our community and the industry.

On Community Manager Advancement Day on January 27, 2020, we awarded 12 incredible community builders and community-focused organizations with the recognition they deserve. These community managers have been recognized for their excellence in community building and collaboration at the 2021 Community Industry Awards.

Here are the Top Communities and Community Managers of 2020

The Best of the Year Awards

Community Professional of the Year

Paras Pundir, Head of Community and Content at LikeMinds

Community of the Year


CMX awards

The CMX Community wouldn’t be the same without our incredible volunteers. These awards are given to CMX’ers who go above and beyond to help build this community, and add value for our members around the world.

CMX Connect Host of the Year

Valentina Ruffoni, CMX Connect Madrid

Community Awards

These awards are given to the outstanding people in the Community Industry who are building sustainable communities and community teams.

Community Professional of the Year for a B2B Community

Amanda Newton, General Manager of Global Partner Services & Experience at Xero


Community Professional of the Year for a B2C Community

Steven A. Rodriguez, Regional Manager US/Canada, Techstars

Community Professional of the Year for a Developer Relations Community

Vishal Pathik Gupta, Developer Relations at Jovian

Community Professional of the Year for an Education Community

Liz Savage, Program Manager, Community and Conferences at Teachstone

Executive Leader of a Community team

Andrea Middleton, Open Source Community Growth Strategist, at Automattic

Community Professional of the Year for a Gaming Community

Erin Wayne, Senior Director of Community and Creator Marketing at Twitch

Community Professional of the Year for a Nonprofit Community

AbdulKabir Sulaiman, Community Manager at TechQuest STEM Academy


Community Professional of the Year for an Offline Community Program

Sofia Rodriguez Mata, Senior Community Manager at Salesforce

Community Professional of the Year for an Online Community Program

Ed Giansante, Senior Manager at VMWare

Check out the current season of the Community Industry Awards and help us celebrate!

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